This project is to construct a musical football. The reason for my project is that I was inspired by a little kid with austim who love sports and music. So what better way to have fun then have a ball that you can play with and create music with. The following steps show how I constructed the  football and it musical components.

Step 1: Shopping List

Shopping list
Soldering Iron (and solder :-)!! )
hot glue gun
youth football leather (able to get at wally world)
foam youth football (wally world also)
(1) k size coaxil plug (radio shack)
(1) submini slide switch
(2) small speakers (taking out of musical cards)
(7) uphostery tacts
(8) AA batteries and 8AA battery holder (to start was going us 9volt but decide to go with more power)
(11) two foot wires

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