Step 2: Installation and tweaking

Picture of Installation and tweaking
Installation involved removing the closet door and trim.  Screwing in some wood blocks to the inside wall that would accept the top hinge bolt.  

Once the door was in place, I tested the opening many times and then secured the base with 4" screws.  

The latch bolt was installed to the interior door frame matching the latch height.  A fishing line was secured and run through the back of the door and connected to the secret book opener.
Hindsight note: Double or triple knot that fishing line or it might come off and your door is stuck closed.  

The secret door opening book was a really nice touch supplied by my brother.  I glued the pages together to make a solid area for attaching a small brass hinge and fishing line to pull open the latch.  
warpspeed3 years ago
Great job, but wouldn't a thin braided steel cable hold up better for such an often used door? In my experience, fishing line will eventually degrade and you will have a problem.
kmartin-13 years ago
I love the book choice for the secret latch.