Traditionally, braids have one closed end and one open end. The open end is twisted in a manner to create a braid and is then tied off.

This braid intends to throw all of your preconceived notions about braids out the window.

This braid has two closed ends, and is made with magic.

It can be challenging to get perfect the first time, practice a few more times and experiment with different sizes of straps to obtain the look you are going for.

- Leather (or similar) strap approximately 1 inch by 8 inches
- Scissors or X-Acto Knife
- Patience

Step 1: Acquire Strap

Find a strap about an inch wide and 8 inches long. I prefer leather because of its durability. Unlike fabric, leather will not fray after being cut, which is very important. The braid can be made ultimately with any flat material, but leather seems to work best.
Okay - I'm finally finishing up my denim mystery braid bracelet. I hope to have it on my page this evening. I am providing a link to YOUR braiding instructions because there's no way I would even attempt to describe this. <br> <br>So, hopefully, expect some traffic coming your way &acirc;˜&ordm;
I had spent an hour trying to work one using Martha Stewart's instructions. Finally Googled mystery braid and found you. I can't thank you enough for the clarity! I'm going to make one from scrap material. I will be sure to mention you in my instructable because I would never get these steps correct :-). Thanks for your help.
Yay! I'm glad that I could make it make it easier than Martha. :)
Just made a pair of bracelets. I've wondered how those braids were made for the longest time. Thanks for a great 'ible!
Excellent - this is always a problem when out scouts accidentally un-weave their woggles.
+1 I wish i had a pound for every one of the leather woggles I had to re-braid when i was a scout, no matter how many times I showed them none of the other lads could get the hang of it.<br>I do like the idea of coding the strips perhaps I should have tried that :-)
Mystery solved! I always wondered how purse straps like this were made. <br> <br>Marking the back sides of the strands for photo clarity was an excellent idea.

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