Check my Sipriani V3.0 too!

Here it is!
It's a powerful 5 shot gun with an average range of 50 to 60 ft.
If you're bored or something try to decode the name.
I especially like this gun because of it's smooth lines and it can pack one heck of a punch for a gun of it's size.
Heres some pro's and no's:

-Great Range
-Great Performance
-Magazine never jams
-Looks "slick"

-Lots of parts for a pistol
-A 5 shot mag which might be short when you're in a knex war (The El Diablo's mag can be used on this gun if you want to go in combat).

Like it?
Building time, then!

Step 1: Strength Sides

These parts are for added body strength and might even be required for a gun that must be able to survive itself.

Step 2: Mag Sides

These are the mag sides which keep the bullets in place.

Step 3: Mag Pusher

This is the part which pulls up the bullets for a auto-reload

Step 4: Firing Rod

This part is the part which actually fires the bullets.
I used a small amount of tape first, and then a rubberband wrapped around it, to make it less of an impact on the gun.

Step 5: Trigger

This is the new trigger.
It's asymetrical, so you might have to put the tans on the other side of the trigger if you're a righty.

Step 6: Mag Front and Rear

These bits are the actual mag tip.

Step 7: Handle

Having trouble?
Ask it in a comment.

Step 8: Barrel

This is the part which holds the loaded bullet until it's fired.

Step 9: Assembly

Having Trouble?
Ask it in a Comment and i'll reply as soon as possible.

Step 10: You're Done!!!

Well, well, well.
You've got yourself the first NB-4 weaponry.
Have freaking much fun with my knex guns!!!

I made this and it is awesome. 5 stars.
I love it. Best pistol ever!!!!!!!!!!!. (Its better than oblivitus's ultra pistol 2).
What does NB-4 actually stand for?
I was a GTA IV addict back when i made this, so it's a short for 'N'iko 'B'ellic from GTA '4'
It could also stand for... Not bad ''4'' (a) pistol. :D
Lol, didn't even think of that one. Thanks man
I said it for fun, but i guess your welcome.<br>
Is this gun's range as he says it is? I'm somewhat skeptical about 60 feet.....I'll start building when I get home.
60 Might be a bit high, but that's about the highest i ever got. It averages in at around 45 feet.
I get around 40, not bad but I like your RX9 better.
The inverted crossbow? Ye, i really liked that 1 too. Thanks
Be sure to check on my new sub machine gun. It uses a rail system, not very strong but something unique, it will be posted within a day or two.
I added a slide to it, it works great thanks :DDD
Heres the slide :D
wtflagnod &nbsp;is actually inside<br />
a zig-zag of red triangular connectors
&nbsp;builded :) its ok :) &nbsp; &nbsp;accurate, quite powerful (2 red postman bands) yeah its ok - jams frequently tho&nbsp;
&nbsp;im confused, do you build 4 pieces, or is picture 2 another angle of picture 1 ?&nbsp;
get a of the top and 1 of the bottom pleeease<br />
Other Guns INB4<br /> <br /> <br /> Oh wait<br />
&nbsp;Im half a second old and made this in one hundredth of a second!!!<br /> <br /> I GOT YOU ALL BEAT!!<br />
ok this made me stop making the gun its confusing, frustrating, and i thought i needed 2 more pieces but i needed 4 more
it stoped me u realy need more pictures of differnent angles and step by stap instructions to make the complicated bits it looks like a good gun but bad instructable 1*
&nbsp;its kind of easy
is the white rod the same as the gray rod
no a white rod dosent bend a grey will if you dont have a white or clear as i would think use a black one its not the best but it works
I know this is a really late reply, but where do you get the clear rods? I looked for it on knex.com and I couldn't find it. If you find it can you give me a link?<br />
you get them in the knex starbust spinner set<br /> but there are only 2 of them in that set
i cant make the barrel<br />
not bad for pistol?
The NB-4 Pistol =<br /> <br /> The NoodlesBeefcake-4 Pistol<br />
just pull back the ram really hard until u can see the mag pusher move up but not too&nbsp;hard&nbsp; or&nbsp;it will break the gun.
are those the blue spacers from step 1 or are they new
are the blue spacers needed now or in a later step? im confused... :-0
&nbsp;I am making a smaller version of the NB-4pistol can i post it as the NB-3 pistol (with of course credits to you)?
does it reli matter what is in the inside???
yes, actually, it does. just try building my gun without caring about the innards. it's MUCH simpler than this. you'll end up with a piece of crap that doesn't work. built correctly, it's actually very easy to us, and gets great force and range.
&nbsp;no it odesn't only between the green connectors is important.
im working on a bigger barrel designed for biggger rounds but with a twist, the ram has 0 friction (from the barrel anyways)
nice. mine doesn't even have a ram; no wasted energy.
there would be wasrted energy from the notion of it snapping back into the position and it rubbing the sides
not so much; it's as low friction as a barrel can be. also, the ammo isn't attached to the RB, therefore eliminating the problem. no <em>unnecessary</em> wasted energy.<br/>
&nbsp;lol i can make this gun without instuctions i made it like 10 times
It's exactly the El Diablo's handle.<br /> I mean EXACTLY. Except for ONE&nbsp;PIECE.
the first gun i made on Ible and its still my favo
&nbsp;Is it forbidden to copy one of your own guns?
My friend shot me in the neck with this. It hurts.

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