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Introduction: The NB-4 Pistol

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Here it is!
It's a powerful 5 shot gun with an average range of 50 to 60 ft.
If you're bored or something try to decode the name.
I especially like this gun because of it's smooth lines and it can pack one heck of a punch for a gun of it's size.
Heres some pro's and no's:

-Great Range
-Great Performance
-Magazine never jams
-Looks "slick"

-Lots of parts for a pistol
-A 5 shot mag which might be short when you're in a knex war (The El Diablo's mag can be used on this gun if you want to go in combat).

Like it?
Building time, then!

Step 1: Strength Sides

These parts are for added body strength and might even be required for a gun that must be able to survive itself.

Step 2: Mag Sides

These are the mag sides which keep the bullets in place.

Step 3: Mag Pusher

This is the part which pulls up the bullets for a auto-reload

Step 4: Firing Rod

This part is the part which actually fires the bullets.
I used a small amount of tape first, and then a rubberband wrapped around it, to make it less of an impact on the gun.

Step 5: Trigger

This is the new trigger.
It's asymetrical, so you might have to put the tans on the other side of the trigger if you're a righty.

Step 6: Mag Front and Rear

These bits are the actual mag tip.

Step 7: Handle

Having trouble?
Ask it in a comment.

Step 8: Barrel

This is the part which holds the loaded bullet until it's fired.

Step 9: Assembly

Having Trouble?
Ask it in a Comment and i'll reply as soon as possible.

Step 10: You're Done!!!

Well, well, well.
You've got yourself the first NB-4 weaponry.
Have freaking much fun with my knex guns!!!




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    I made this and it is awesome. 5 stars.

    I love it. Best pistol ever!!!!!!!!!!!. (Its better than oblivitus's ultra pistol 2).

    I was a GTA IV addict back when i made this, so it's a short for 'N'iko 'B'ellic from GTA '4'

    It could also stand for... Not bad ''4'' (a) pistol. :D

    Lol, didn't even think of that one. Thanks man

    I said it for fun, but i guess your welcome.

    Is this gun's range as he says it is? I'm somewhat skeptical about 60 feet.....I'll start building when I get home.

    4 replies

    60 Might be a bit high, but that's about the highest i ever got. It averages in at around 45 feet.

    I get around 40, not bad but I like your RX9 better.

    The inverted crossbow? Ye, i really liked that 1 too. Thanks

    Be sure to check on my new sub machine gun. It uses a rail system, not very strong but something unique, it will be posted within a day or two.

    a zig-zag of red triangular connectors

     builded :) its ok :)    accurate, quite powerful (2 red postman bands) yeah its ok - jams frequently tho 

     im confused, do you build 4 pieces, or is picture 2 another angle of picture 1 ? 

    get a of the top and 1 of the bottom pleeease