Picture of The NB-4 Pistol
Check my Sipriani V3.0 too!

Here it is!
It's a powerful 5 shot gun with an average range of 50 to 60 ft.
If you're bored or something try to decode the name.
I especially like this gun because of it's smooth lines and it can pack one heck of a punch for a gun of it's size.
Heres some pro's and no's:

-Great Range
-Great Performance
-Magazine never jams
-Looks "slick"

-Lots of parts for a pistol
-A 5 shot mag which might be short when you're in a knex war (The El Diablo's mag can be used on this gun if you want to go in combat).

Like it?
Building time, then!

Step 1: Strength Sides

Picture of Strength Sides
The NB-4 Series 063.jpg
These parts are for added body strength and might even be required for a gun that must be able to survive itself.
~KnexBuild~3 years ago
I made this and it is awesome. 5 stars.
~Meme~3 years ago
I love it. Best pistol ever!!!!!!!!!!!. (Its better than oblivitus's ultra pistol 2).
What does NB-4 actually stand for?
Skreetsha (author)  Fred the evil puppet4 years ago
I was a GTA IV addict back when i made this, so it's a short for 'N'iko 'B'ellic from GTA '4'
It could also stand for... Not bad ''4'' (a) pistol. :D
Skreetsha (author)  skyfaller4 years ago
Lol, didn't even think of that one. Thanks man
I said it for fun, but i guess your welcome.
DracoUltima4 years ago
Is this gun's range as he says it is? I'm somewhat skeptical about 60 feet.....I'll start building when I get home.
Skreetsha (author)  DracoUltima4 years ago
60 Might be a bit high, but that's about the highest i ever got. It averages in at around 45 feet.
I get around 40, not bad but I like your RX9 better.
Skreetsha (author)  DracoUltima4 years ago
The inverted crossbow? Ye, i really liked that 1 too. Thanks
Be sure to check on my new sub machine gun. It uses a rail system, not very strong but something unique, it will be posted within a day or two.
I added a slide to it, it works great thanks :DDD
Heres the slide :D
rrr675 years ago
wtflagnod  is actually inside
a zig-zag of red triangular connectors
 builded :) its ok :)    accurate, quite powerful (2 red postman bands) yeah its ok - jams frequently tho 
 im confused, do you build 4 pieces, or is picture 2 another angle of picture 1 ? 
CODKING5 years ago
get a of the top and 1 of the bottom pleeease
Other Guns INB4

Oh wait
 Im half a second old and made this in one hundredth of a second!!!

mister976 years ago
ok this made me stop making the gun its confusing, frustrating, and i thought i needed 2 more pieces but i needed 4 more
it stoped me u realy need more pictures of differnent angles and step by stap instructions to make the complicated bits it looks like a good gun but bad instructable 1*
 its kind of easy
linkkiller6 years ago
is the white rod the same as the gray rod
no a white rod dosent bend a grey will if you dont have a white or clear as i would think use a black one its not the best but it works
I know this is a really late reply, but where do you get the clear rods? I looked for it on knex.com and I couldn't find it. If you find it can you give me a link?
you get them in the knex starbust spinner set
but there are only 2 of them in that set
sanchixx5 years ago
i cant make the barrel
~Z~5 years ago
not bad for pistol?
KnexFreek5 years ago
The NB-4 Pistol =

The NoodlesBeefcake-4 Pistol
rrr675 years ago
just pull back the ram really hard until u can see the mag pusher move up but not too hard  or it will break the gun.
rrr675 years ago
are those the blue spacers from step 1 or are they new
rrr675 years ago
are the blue spacers needed now or in a later step? im confused... :-0
Merugop5 years ago
 I am making a smaller version of the NB-4pistol can i post it as the NB-3 pistol (with of course credits to you)?
Spc force6 years ago
does it reli matter what is in the inside???
yes, actually, it does. just try building my gun without caring about the innards. it's MUCH simpler than this. you'll end up with a piece of crap that doesn't work. built correctly, it's actually very easy to us, and gets great force and range.
 no it odesn't only between the green connectors is important.
im working on a bigger barrel designed for biggger rounds but with a twist, the ram has 0 friction (from the barrel anyways)
nice. mine doesn't even have a ram; no wasted energy.
there would be wasrted energy from the notion of it snapping back into the position and it rubbing the sides
not so much; it's as low friction as a barrel can be. also, the ammo isn't attached to the RB, therefore eliminating the problem. no unnecessary wasted energy.
Merugop5 years ago
 lol i can make this gun without instuctions i made it like 10 times
Killbunny5 years ago
It's exactly the El Diablo's handle.
I mean EXACTLY. Except for ONE PIECE.
the first gun i made on Ible and its still my favo
 Is it forbidden to copy one of your own guns?
My friend shot me in the neck with this. It hurts.
I just finished this two minutes a go and I shot my mom onthe finger
Ha Ha. I shot my dad with the DD-27.
I accidentally shot mom with the SR Commando v1.
Fun, I always shoot my dad with the BR18. lol
i shot my sister with the nb-4 pistol and the jackall 
I shot my uncle with a huge grenade round for the IaC cannon and he dodged it, I broked a nearby window, we ran for it.
He doesn't mind?????? 

Not that much.

Your gun must be weak then, or just not having a lot of bands.
Well I don't use more then one band on it then.
2 bands for me means a BR8 that can shoot through cardboard.
I got that with a BR8. I used finned rods.
I just use red rods without fins.
Well I was like 20 feet away so I needed it to even hit the box.
Wtf, why would you need fins to hit a cardboard box from 20 feet away? 

I only had a really small box.

smilee DJ Radio5 years ago
Oops... lol
wat is the dd-27
Lolz you guys are mean (jk) if I shot my mom or dad with the Heavy cannon v5 they'll throw away all my knex
Yep I was about 10 feet away.
jawm5 years ago
i cant get the trigger bit
Richie_Man5 years ago
Just the same as the El Diablo, kinda frustrating but when u finished it ur happy lol
Graeme26A155 years ago
Sorry guys, I have been really busy lately, so I couldn't post the mods for the NB-4 that I am calling The RG1.  I will try to post some pictures and make the Instructables for The RG1 soon.
Graeme26A155 years ago
Hey everyone, I have made a barrel mod and etc. for this awesome Knex Gun.  I am gonna post pics tomorrow and I am gonna call it the RG1 (I will give credit to Viccie.B1993 (a LOT of credit))  Remember this:

   THE NB-4 ROCKS!!!!

(Also, the mods make it look like a rifle, more or less.)
Hiyadudez5 years ago
Do you have to build both of those in the pictures?
Skreetsha (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
Yes, these are a must for the body strength which isn't very high.
Well I have built the gun now and it works great! Thanks anywayz.... P.s. Great instructable. 5*
Skreetsha (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
Thanks :)
quinny125 years ago
yh can we look close im gitting confused
quinny125 years ago
whats inside the handle
sprout_less5 years ago
Does the name stand for nothing below 40?
Skreetsha (author)  sprout_less5 years ago
It has been guessed ages ago, lol. It stands for -N-iko -B-ellic from GTA -4-.
An Villain6 years ago
the number of steps is daunting, but this is pretty cool, 4*.
Skreetsha (author)  An Villain6 years ago
Lol, glad you likez :P
it is cool.
bighead54546 years ago
hey if you stick about 3 inches of straw into th front it keeps to bullet like this ---- and not like this \ so in other words it keeps the bullet strait and not doin sumersaults in the air and it boosts power i shot my mom and my friend with it they both agreed IT HURT
Pizzapie5006 years ago
I can't assemble this... It doesnt make sense... Im giving up on this project. I mean In pic 5 (the one after u put the blue spacers on) do i attach 4 more yellow connecters along with 2 green conectors to the blue/purple rod? I tryed that and it doesn't work since i cant do that to the other side. Also in pic 18, where do i attach the firing rod to? Whatever just try to make it a bit clearer. Btw i like the Bischoff 720 u made works well but the trigger needs agustments.
by picture 5 you need to put spacers on both sides then attach the connectors
Thats what i did. But it doesnt matter i took it apart.
Skulker6 years ago
how do you shoot? I've done everything you said to do but i don't know how to shoot..
bighead54546 years ago
best gun eva espicially if you p ut the el diablos mag on it cause i found it increased power but wat sucks is i dont have #64 bands only loooooong and thick ones but it is still painful if shot by oh and great insturctions 5*
Spc force6 years ago
you need to make the pictures more clear please :)
what do you mean clearer?! every thing is as clear as it needs to be.
jackster176 years ago
i built this gun and then it only shot 15 feet
knex_mepalm6 years ago
hey is Nb-4 NewBie-4 or NotBig-4?
Skreetsha (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Code has been cracked already. Niko Bellic Gta 4 :P
jackster176 years ago
the barrel pics are hard to understand please add more
Max Stryker6 years ago
This thing F*****G HURTS!!! AWESOME DUDE!!! BTW, isn't this a little bit similar to the el diablo?
Skreetsha (author)  Max Stryker6 years ago
A bit, but thise one is a bit more piece-preservent. :P
your 3000th comment!!!
Ya your 3000th comment!!!!!
mister976 years ago
i dont think it rly matters which direction the reds are or if they are even reds. it's just making the handel wider and attachable so you can probably use what ever you want
NB-4 = Never before?
Skreetsha (author)  novicegamer436 years ago
Nah, the code has been cracked already, it's:
Niko Bellic.. from the game GTA4.
101man6 years ago
which one of your guns is the best overall answer? asap please
Skreetsha (author)  101man6 years ago
Sorry i forgot one: The Scorpion is great too if you don't have alot of pieces. But i think the overall best and personal favorite is the Sipriani V 2.0. It has range, it has quick reload. It has got some looks. And the reload time isn't that long.
If you ever do retire, I would make your greatest hits slideshow, Spirani v2 would be the first one. Its your best gun yet man! sniper for the masses!
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Lol, sniper for the masses? Hey something completely different: Do you remember the Backlash battlebot? I built a new prototype that has a way more powerful engine, should i post? I currently don't have a picture, but i'll show you one as soon as my dad gets back from work (he had to take the camera with him -.-).
Sorry for butting in like a butt, but do post the battle bot, it looks awesome!
Skreetsha (author)  Serial-Cricket6 years ago
Too late, sorry. Wrecked again for the Sipriani V3.
OMG I think I just had a heart attack and went into a coma and came back. I so excited now. There haven't been a lot of major guns lately (except for the KillerK stuff). Hope it works out.
I cant really say until you get pictures.
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
He just got back from work, took the camera from him, lol. Heres a picture:
K'nex Backlash Beta 2.0 006.jpg
ive got that phone on the left
Skreetsha (author)  101man6 years ago
Good for you..
wow that looks mean. Try hooking it so that the arm spins on the same rod the motor spins, instead of using a pulley system.
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I'm confused, can you put it in a simpler way? My English is pretty good but this is hard to understand.
The arm should be on the rod that the motor spins for extra power.
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Ah aah! (in understanding manner) But that will make the supporing rods very heavy and it would look worser.
It would have more power though. Btw, what do you think of my picture?
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
It's cool. I like that song too. :P
thanks ALOT for your comments
Skreetsha (author)  101man6 years ago
Yw, :P
Skreetsha (author)  101man6 years ago
If you want to go with low parts, take the El Diablo, Project Nine, the KBK or the NB-4. If you want range, take the Sipriani V1 or V2, the Bischoff, The White Tiger or the H.A.W.C V1 or V10. If you want something to demolish a target, take the ADU or the HVI. If you want to impress buddies, take the Tornado. Hopefully this helped. :)
zypher3.146 years ago
its not that hard to build just ask me if you need help some where
in need help i'm making the barrel but its confusing plz help
okay so on the bottom part there are 5 orange connectors connected with green rods with the left end having a gray connector at the end they are connected to every thing else by blue rods going through their holes. the sides of the barrel are made from a pattern of white con. 2 yellow con. then 2 white con. following with a yellow these side pannels or on both side conecting onto the rods by a y connector then read the yellow boxes too see which type of piece is connected onto one of the side pannel pices with a white rod
wow...i got this far and these only two pics make me kinda mad cuz there so confusing..i cant see the parts clear e nuf
Crap, is there an alternative to the black clips? I don't have any >.<
nope :(
i don't know but i would guess there is not
zypher3.146 years ago
facing left or right?
facing the left
awsome gun but more pics would help
linkkiller6 years ago
how is the inside built
maria136 years ago
diddnt work for me but i didnt have enough elastic bandds
maria136 years ago
yeh pls add another pics
Graeme26A156 years ago
I made 2 mods: 1. I made a barrel extension; and 2. I made a bayonet that attaches to the barrel extension
kyle996 years ago
Can you give us a closer look to what's underneath? I'm pretty confused...
Graeme26A156 years ago
this was the first knex gun I made using these instructables, and I really think its a really good gun. i think I will try to make up a few of my own mods for it mods for it i give this gun 5 stars and i favorited it
apcalculus6 years ago
Very stable. I appreciate this excellent creation of ingenuity but the magazine sometimes jams. Please assist me in fixing this slight dilema.
Skreetsha (author)  apcalculus6 years ago
Where does it jam?
Presently it jams in the top of the mag where the next blue rod is coming up.
twist the firing pin while pulling it back.
I was able to fix the problem. It only occured while I was still testing the gun.
Vynash6 years ago
Awesome I'll have to build this! Fived and faved!
Skreetsha (author)  Vynash6 years ago
Thanks for using my one-liner XD No seriously, thanks :)
my one liner: faved, fived, 'scribed mine's better!
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Darn! Now i need to come up with a new one >:S XD Lol, mixed emotions :) :( :O :P ":D XD
fave, five, unfave, refave, unfave, refave, scribed, unscribed scribed?
five fave and sub subway (£5.99) for you!
DJ Radio barrax6 years ago
5, faved, subbed, and smacked my bro in the face with it.
LOL!!! Oh yeah and just to tel you I built Project 9 or whatever it's called and it RAWKS!
Skreetsha (author)  Vynash6 years ago
Thanks :P
Welcome! (Late comment.)
awsom i've got an extended el diablo mag on it now
apcalculus6 years ago
Can you please put more instruction on the handle and the barrel?
The Jamalam6 years ago
The not bothering 4? The never blocking 4? The nipple breaker 4? The naiohfiabiab buifbpiab 4?
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
No. Want a hint? :P
yeah yeah! And you are online lol
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
It's a game character's initials
Nerf battles? not sure lol. First word?
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Niko Lol, that just gave it away XD
not rly :P but i saw another comment. I forgot again lol XD
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Lol, the code name is --->N<---iko --->B<---ellic in GTA --->4<---
Mr. Stealth6 years ago
What is in the middle of the handle?
red connectors
finally i got around to bulid it and i have to say it is a very good pistol but the handel coud be thicker
Yeah, the handle will always be a tad flimsy in this gun :S
can we get a closer look because its hard to tell whats what
slywolf286 years ago
this gun is actually really cool. im just having a problem with the ram but its not a big deal cause im using the standard gray rod so it bends and doesnt give the shot the best power. great gun.
Mr. Stealth6 years ago
I don't play GTA4, but is NB stand for Niko ... or whatever his name is?
Skreetsha (author)  Mr. Stealth6 years ago
You got it!
His name is Niko Bellic in GTA ---> 4.
Yay, I guess the Jamalam didn't scroll down. lol
wow, someone figured it out (i couldn't)! XD
Niko Bellic u mean?
YEA THAT'S IT. Thanks! I wonder if I'm right?
The Jamalam6 years ago
any more nb-4's coming?
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Yup, i'm trying a scatter/shotgun :P
Owenmon6 years ago
w00t lefties! Oh yeah, 5*.
Skreetsha (author)  Owenmon6 years ago
A Colleague-leftie! :D
I'm Your Colleague? :D
Skreetsha (author)  Owenmon6 years ago
Lol, yup :P
ZOMG ur a lefty too?
Skreetsha (author)  alfpwns6 years ago
Yup :P
DJ Radio6 years ago
its a good gun, but I think its way below your usual. 4*
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
A 4 ain't bad :P
its not a bad gun. But its below what you normally post.
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
K. :P
Mr. Stealth6 years ago
Awesome Gun. I'm rating this five stars because you used a new trigger that looks easy to mod and on the looks of the gun. Once again, great job. Could you tell us what's next in the lineup for the NB series?
Skreetsha (author)  Mr. Stealth6 years ago
A shotgun/scattergun :P It's harder than i thought though XD
easy 1 word shells
Skreetsha (author)  King_Banana6 years ago
2 words: It's difficult. I have no experience with shotguns/scatterguns so i just need to find a good shell and gun design.
Good luck!
This not meant 2 be offensive 2 ANYONE THAT READS, does NB stand for 'not bull****ty pistol'?
Skreetsha (author)  RMConstruction6 years ago
Nope. Want a hint?
yh, please!
Skreetsha (author)  RMConstruction6 years ago
It's the initials of a character in a game...
Der Bradly6 years ago
Awesomeness 5* I will build when i destroy my Lancer
Skreetsha (author)  Der Bradly6 years ago
Thank you, and i love your Lancer! :P
? You haven't even seen my lancer...
ok.. you have to post... I have a lancer... yours looks a bit better though.... I WANT TO BUILD!!!
Sorry, but this gun is long gone.
I got bored of it always Jamming and not working
is it full auto?
I wish it was
Nice. I might make a lancer if I have enough chain.
Skreetsha (author)  Der Bradly6 years ago
Sorry i was confused, i thought you meant your Blazer, my bad XD It looks sweet though!
sweet instruction are being made right from what i heard it will be a 5*s and a build for me it im no grounded
Instructions are being made. It will be realesed here and (Hopefully) KI.
gpotvin6 years ago
i havnt built yet, but it looks awesome.

and to anyone who likes this gun, also try Viccie.B1993's El Diablo Asault Pistol.

Here's a link: http://www.instructables.com/id/The_El_Diablo_Assualt_Pistol_R_45/

If I added it wrong, just copy and paste it into your browser. Don;t make fun of me. I'm new around here.
since i have Bi-Polar, i just got so flippin' mad that i threw that thing at my wall so HARD, IT SHATTERED! THAT is how mad i am!!!!
knex mad6 years ago
great gun very powerful ive done a piece list i think its right ive checked again so here it is connercters yellow 31 green 14 red 10 orange 1 2 slot 3 white 6 rods green 71 white 41 black 1 blue 6 others blue spacers 12 tan clip 2 y clip 17 grey 1 slot 8 blue clip 3
bruce9116 years ago
Great gun, I just built my first assault rifle, please look at it http://www.instructables.com/community/My_new_assault_rifle/
Vynash6 years ago
Dude I built and it's a beast! My bro made a mod so it can attach to the Sipriani Rifle!!! I might get some pics soon!
TheDunkis6 years ago
Looks rather strange to me no offense. It doesn't seem quite new though. Maybe the trigger but otherwise the concept isn't too new. It's a good gun I'm sure but seems a little over rated by most people. Should make mine seem all the more better :D. What next? A rocket launcher?
Just the fact that Viccie made it makes it all that much better to a lot of people nowadays.
I don't know what you mean?
why does everyone like it?
I don't know.
Same concept except it's IaC. "He made the almight cannon so everything else must be good and auto rated 5*!" The concept was first found with Killerk and his pistol.
ooooo thats lame.
So he's another IaC, KillerK, Mepain, etc. person?
Pretty much. Don't act like you're innocent either though.
Lol well unlike most of them even if my instructable reach high ratins they always get attacked later on to equal them out. The guns that are actually better than most guns will eventually be rated lower than guns like this.
No, people aren't out to get you, stop saying that. Nobody hates you, people hate knex.
Skreetsha (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
I'm trying a shotgun/scatter gun, but it's gharder than i thought :P
good... you heeded my warning.
couldn't you technically add explosives to the war cannon?
Vynash6 years ago
Can someone PLEASE make a part list!!!
barrax Vynash6 years ago
WHY? this is so small that unless you had 3 or 4 guns you should always be able to make.
Vynash barrax6 years ago
J Moneyman6 years ago
hey, is NB "new ballin"
good but the handle looks too large for the body
Skreetsha (author)  shadowninja316 years ago
Oh, ok :)
its fine though.
The Jamalam6 years ago
nicely done! I like it!
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Thanks :)
KillerPanda6 years ago
Nice! a must-build for whenever i finish my current project (classified) 5 Stars and Favorited!! =)
Skreetsha (author)  KillerPanda6 years ago
Thanks :D
Good gun but I personally think it's unattractive.
Skreetsha (author)  Oompa-Loompa6 years ago
Ok :)
dsman1952766 years ago
looks like a good gun. i would try to make the mags removable to make it easy to make a bigger mag and then switch to a small one(small mags are easier to refill in battle because there is less of a chance of loading a rod in wrong, or it getting stuck. in big mags the rods can sometimes turn on there side and jam up the gun)
Skreetsha (author)  dsman1952766 years ago
I know but uhm... can you help me a bit with the removeable mags, i don't have any experience with that :P
razzlekunai6 years ago
I will build this ASAP. Looks very sleek and compact. I'm just wondering, how does it get its power? Low friction? New system?
Skreetsha (author)  razzlekunai6 years ago
Just because of the barrel and maybe the trigger, i dunno know but it's frikkin' strong.
Lovley! I will make this. Good work, I love how clean it is.
Skreetsha (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
Thanks :P
Master_Zane6 years ago
Very nice, very nice. Great distance, great mag. The only problem was that I had to make most of the barrel picture in 'Assembly'. I would suggest putting the first picture in 'Assembly' in 'Barrel'. 5* stars anyway!
Skreetsha (author)  Master_Zane6 years ago
Ok, thanks for the tip :)
Your welcome. : )
barrax6 years ago
WOW! you posted something... finally. Jk 5*
Skreetsha (author)  barrax6 years ago
Lol, thanks :P
nice 5* and favorite!
Skreetsha (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder6 years ago
Thank you :D
Thanks :P