The NK Banshee: a Roman Candle Shooting K'nex Gun




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Introduction: The NK Banshee: a Roman Candle Shooting K'nex Gun

About: Hello! I'm Nerfrocketeer, also known as Nefrock', Nerf, or NK. I am an avid fan of Nerf wars, engineering, and animal activism (but no I don't go overboard). Thank you for A MILLION views (woah!) and making ...

Ever since the beginning of July I have been working on a super special line of guns. Some are made of K'nex, and some are not. In an attempt at secrecy I have been calling this project Operation Roman Candle, and the project has been very successful. I have been able to create gun replicas, autoturrets, and now K'nex guns that shoot roman candles.

Thus: the first of the two K'nex roman candle shooters I have built is now revealed. I give you, the NK BANSHEE.

Named for its creator (nerfrocketeer) the Banshee is a fully "automatic," in-line mag style gun. Shooting 10 exploding/screaming (hence the name 'banshee') rounds in about 12 seconds, this gun can be a dangerous weapon.

The stats are as follows:
-Length: 2.5 feet
-Height: With Bipod; 1 foot , without bipod; 6 inches
-Range: Up to 1000 feet
-Caliber: 20 (diameter of roman candle)
-Features: Scope, iron sights, removable bipod, triple hand guards, eye guard, emergency candle removal system, breakaway pieces, barrel extension (roman candle extends beyond gun) of 2 inches

I hope you like this gun! I may post a build Instructable soon. But if you do build it, please remember that I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, CASUALTY, INJURY, OR EMOTIONAL/PHYSICAL STRESS CAUSED BY THIS CREATION. Thank you for viewing this gun!



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    Sorry, but it seemed like you wanted to know... :P

    This looks absolutely wicked!! Do you still have it to where you can create an ible for this? I would love to make a shooting knex gun with this appearance!

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    I have now created the build ible, sorry for the wait!

    Don't stress it. I'll check it out.
    By the way good job getting featured again. =D

    Yes I do still have it! (Cheering crowds in backround) I am planning on making an 'ible for it sometime this week! :) I'll be sure to let you know when it's up!

    Thanks! I going on an ible' spree tomorrow. Hopefully it will end up with 3 ibles being posted. We'll see how that turns out.

    Ok! I hope they all post correctly! :[

    What? They haven't for you?

    Nope. Me, hunter999, and DOK all posted stuff over the weekend that didn't get published correctly. The only place they could be seen was on our pages. Stuff posted saturday didn't show up anywhere else until just yesterday. :(

    I posted a Minecraft thing recently and it didn't even show up on my page! It was as if I never posted it...

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    Thats too bad. what was the ible about? It seems as if the problem is spreading rapidly. Maybe it will be fixed soon. Until then, maybe try reposting it, if you can, and see if it works. :)

    Oh i forgot to mention it also has a bayonet!

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favorited! >:D