The NK Banshee: a Roman Candle Shooting K'nex Gun





Introduction: The NK Banshee: a Roman Candle Shooting K'nex Gun

Ever since the beginning of July I have been working on a super special line of guns. Some are made of K'nex, and some are not. In an attempt at secrecy I have been calling this project Operation Roman Candle, and the project has been very successful. I have been able to create gun replicas, autoturrets, and now K'nex guns that shoot roman candles.

Thus: the first of the two K'nex roman candle shooters I have built is now revealed. I give you, the NK BANSHEE.

Named for its creator (nerfrocketeer) the Banshee is a fully "automatic," in-line mag style gun. Shooting 10 exploding/screaming (hence the name 'banshee') rounds in about 12 seconds, this gun can be a dangerous weapon.

The stats are as follows:
-Length: 2.5 feet
-Height: With Bipod; 1 foot , without bipod; 6 inches
-Range: Up to 1000 feet
-Caliber: 20 (diameter of roman candle)
-Features: Scope, iron sights, removable bipod, triple hand guards, eye guard, emergency candle removal system, breakaway pieces, barrel extension (roman candle extends beyond gun) of 2 inches

I hope you like this gun! I may post a build Instructable soon. But if you do build it, please remember that I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, CASUALTY, INJURY, OR EMOTIONAL/PHYSICAL STRESS CAUSED BY THIS CREATION. Thank you for viewing this gun!



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Sorry, but it seemed like you wanted to know... :P

What is the outside diameter of the roman candle?

This looks absolutely wicked!! Do you still have it to where you can create an ible for this? I would love to make a shooting knex gun with this appearance!

I have now created the build ible, sorry for the wait!

Don't stress it. I'll check it out.
By the way good job getting featured again. =D

Yes I do still have it! (Cheering crowds in backround) I am planning on making an 'ible for it sometime this week! :) I'll be sure to let you know when it's up!