Introduction: The Nakamura Lock : the Best Paper Airplane Ever.

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This paper airplane is just one more of those cant afford real supplies instructables. Yet it still is pretty cool. flies great and easy to make.

You only need paper but I suggest have colored pencils ready for some decoration.

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the finished product . I've flown this across football fields so you should get a sweet ride. Have fun.  Q("Q)


A4hand made it! (author)2016-12-23

boss - est airplane ever flew farther than anything I have made so far

A4hand (author)2016-12-23

boss - est airplane ever flew farther than anything I have made so far

pbman123 (author)2011-06-25

dude you may not beileive this but i actually invented this airplane design. i sent it in to a contest they had a long time ago to get your design in a book and i won. so they but my paper plane in like 9 different airplane books

amordecosmos (author)pbman1232016-01-06

Oops, I stand corrected. It's actually in Eiji Nakamura's 1972 book Flying Origami.

amordecosmos (author)pbman1232016-01-06

Actually, it was invented by Eiji Nakamura, an origami artist. You can check it out in his 1993 book Quick and Easy Flying Origami.
Unless you have documentation of your invention that predates that one...

rawknexstuff (author)2010-08-07

I have posted a plane VERY similar to this...

idkwthiam (author)rawknexstuff2010-08-20

wel itz not my problem

rawknexstuff (author)idkwthiam2010-08-22

Just saying

It's called the Nakamura Lock in the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes, published in 2004.

Kickstart79 (author)2010-12-04

finally someone got the name of this plane right


IKR (i know right) like ive been trying to find its name like for so long!!!!

camirrakiu (author)2011-01-09

awesombroso :D

darknessfalls (author)2010-07-27

ill admit its good, but not football fields good

how does it do if you use stiffer paper?

idkwthiam (author)darknessfalls2010-08-20

i used construction paper once but it was to weighed down to much, but go ahead and try.

darknessfalls (author)idkwthiam2010-08-23

what about 65 lb cardstock? i know normal printer paper is about 20 lb, so i think the extra firmness would be helpful

idkwthiam (author)darknessfalls2010-08-20

i've personely flown this baby end zone to end zone,but you have to start from the bleachers.

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