Hello and welcome to the first edition of The Nazi Zombie Survival Guide. In this guide and the guides to follow i will assist you in your quest to kill Nazi zombies. This is the first edition of a guide that will include strategy's on all of call of duty's zombie maps. I will share tips, and of course Strategy. This guide is for beginners and experienced players. Remember these strategy's are just more options, if you know of better ones please share in the comments section, and remember there are other strategy's such as Liberty Primes, and for that i thank him.
Note: I don't have a nice Camera so i will do the best i can with drawings  and such.


Step 1: Explanation

This step is about points and game functions.
The Game Nazi Zombies is a game that is based on killing zombies and getting to the furthest round possible. The game is played with 1-4 players online and two players offline. In the game you buy guns with Points. Points are acquired by killing zombies
Head Shot - 100 points
body shot - 10 points
miss - 0 points
In the game as levels increase , the zombies speed and damage increase.
Windows. windows can be repaired and destroyed. Windows consist of 5 planks or boards and you receive 10 points per plank you rebuild.
<p>Im playing solo. Because im offline. Idk how to play Zombies well. Im spray n pray type of guy and i would like to know. Can i finish and how do i finish Nacht der Untoten?</p>
I always die at levels 7-9. I did get some kind of shotgun tho. Can't remember, double barrel or trench gun.
<p>it gives you a Kar98K Scoped</p>
<p>it gives you a Kar98K Scoped</p>
Their is a glitch only for 2 player one person must stand by the mystery box while the other crawls to him or she the guy by the mystery box must jump while the person crawling must crawl under and stand up while under the other person and you will be inside each other only oe person will be able to kill but you can't be touched by zombies. Don't move or knife or sit down. but you'll be able to buy the mystery box
plus in the help room there is a music player on the table next to the the box?and if you shoot it it plays music. if you shoot it again it changes the frequancy and so on.
I have a glitch. in the help room there is 2 boxes near the 2 windows if you go inbitween the boxes and shoot around the boxes the zombies cant get you. =)
Can the crawlers still kill you? Fast reply please!
yes they can still kill by grabbing at your legs. if you look closely, the zombies dont even attack at all! they just slap you to death and somehow you die
Hehe, cool...
Buy the CABINET?! You mean the rifle right?
Not bad at all :D Me and a friend 'acidentally' opened the stairs, followed by the help room, and ended up with a ray gun and an MG42 Each! We were screwed from the start, so resorted to the Alamo strategy first. Level 24 though... Uhh... Does BRAINS!!! cover it?

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