This is the Neck of the Banjo. This is really easy.

Step 1: The Body

This is the body on a real banjo its the sound maker.

Step 2: Building the Tuning Pegs

This is the last part the tuning pegs.

Step 3: This Is What It Looks Like

This is what the banjo should look like in the end.
what&nbsp; does it sound like - where is the<strong> video..?</strong>
really? its not a real banjo!
srry about that im still kinda new and my computer is really slow and theres no noice srry
banjos have 4 strings at the headstock and 1 one at the 5th fret on the top side of the neck (the side that faces you when playing)<br />
if this thing works allright I think it's not bad at all<br />
Your name lies, as well as mine.
Use the reply button.
I coulda sworn banjos were circular and more than 1 layer thick.
Consider renaming the instructable "Knex Banjo", instead of "The Neck". Also, more information would be good, as well as an actual intro step.
He doesn't realise that there's an 'Intro' before the instructions actually begin. I don't know how he expects us to understand what it is, though.

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