Picture of The Necronomitar
As a guitarist in a metal band, I often find myself trying to come up with new ways to one up the other bands in the area. Sometimes this involves coming up with a cooler riff or better show. Sometimes, though, it's the gear you play! The problem with that is, like most guitarists, I'm broke.

The Solution:
The other night I was watching the Evil Dead movies and I half jokingly made a comment about a guitar designed like the necronomicon... The NECRONOMITAR! Well, that got my gears turning. I spent many days contemplating how to do this, and now here it is... the MOST death metal guitar ever!

Check the final step for more ideas I've come up with based on the same materials.

This instructable should not ruin your guitar's sound in any way, shape, or form, but that being said, if you do ruin your guitar don't blame me. I'm not the one modifying your stuff. Also, use your brain, this instructable is for cheapo guitars like Strat knockoffs. If you do this to your guitar make sure its one you don't "need" just in case you mess up.

Step 1: Tools and Materals

Guitar (duh)
Paper or cardboard
Aluminum foil
Painters caulk
Mold release
Latex mold maker
Wood stain - red mahogoney works best
Glue - optional

Screwdrivers - for disassembling the guitar
Adjustable wrench - for disassembling the guitar
Torch - I used a standard propane torch
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Glockenator3 years ago
What kind of guitar is that? I bought a project guitar that looks just like it but the logo on the neck was rubbed off. I've been trying to find out what it is for over a year now and it's driving me nuts
noonetrulylives (author)  Glockenator3 years ago
also its a fairly commmon build yours could be a lotus, kramer, silvertone, avalon, harmony, etc these were super popular in the early to mid 90s and similar variants continue to this day
noonetrulylives (author)  Glockenator3 years ago
Its a Harmony. They are pretty much only good for tearing up. they are fairly indestructible. I have dropped it, thrown it at the ground and hit a tree with it and that was before this instructable
Haven't dug it out of storage for a while but this might help. Does it the body look like its made of some sort of bondo and sawdust? And it's really heavy? Neck and headstock are painted. The one I have that is like that is labeled Kingston, made in Korea. The serial number starts with 91 and I think that might be the manufacture date. It has a slightly shorter scale, around 23 inches or so and has two single coil pickups and two pots. Any less nuts now?
it look good but the finish is some thing.........awful ,guitar is for love it not for dissgust to the view may be just the burn is awesome many people try it but you did it well just the burn out woluld be ok look anciant and not like an old skin dead thanks a nyway good process
noonetrulylives (author)  remzparadise5 years ago
I gotta say I think that it is beautiful in the way that its not something you see everyday. I mean don't you ever get tired of seeing the same finish on every guitar? Don't get me wrong I still get weak in the knees when I see a flame top les paul with a translucent finish. I was mainly just hoping to inspire others to think outside the box when customizing. Thank you very much for your comments and compliments.
I love the way it looks kinda " melted ".
Decent ible.
If you like this guitar, you must be a metal head (I am) I'm curious as to what guitar you used. Its definitely a strat body... thats all i got.
noonetrulylives (author)  dannyo0134 years ago
fairly certain it was a harmony. the pickups had given up and my buddy sold it to me for $20
Nice, maybe you could unskin the pick up slots and buy new pick ups for it
here some thing ive done for example
bowmaster6 years ago
All you need to do is learn to shoot lighting out of the neck of your guitar.
noonetrulylives (author)  bowmaster6 years ago
inlaying lightning shaped plexi down the neck with some leds would be awesome
No. Real lighting. That you can kill stuff with.
noonetrulylives (author)  bowmaster6 years ago
I know. I was just throwing out an idea for others
That would be cool. I would put it on some type of rig on the back of the neck so it could be retracted.
Tesla coil anyone?
noonetrulylives (author)  robotguy46 years ago
i thought about that but the electronics required would be feedback city!
Use a spring to push it forward and a bar to pull it back and lock it.
ive always wanted to put a switchblade on the end and have a knife pop our and stab things. It would be very rammstein esc to stab a goat or something on stage.
 i know some one who modified a swich blade so that it shoots the blade. 
you could strap some to the back of the neck and have blades shooting out of the guitar in the middle of a song in a show.
it would be very death metal to stab a puppy on stage
Even metal heads love puppies...
I hate puppies. And I'm not even a metal head. I like cats more.
chuckr445 years ago
Looks pretty good. Perhaps you could add a mole or scar here and there.

Now if only there were an instructable on playing guitar with my chainsaw hand...
noonetrulylives (author)  Justin McKay6 years ago
If you can get 3 people to second that thought I will post the instructable and I will get video of me doing it
Seconded! :OD Hail to the King, baby! ~adamvan2000
noonetrulylives (author)  Lt. Duct Tape6 years ago
Thy will be done
I second that: Thy will be done. Why? God put us with the buffalo and the dodo. If their destinies were to be killed, Thy will be done. If you agree, join my group! I like it when people say that openly and without fear :)
Clayton H.5 years ago
Now THIS is a Pimpmobile!
noonetrulylives (author)  Clayton H.5 years ago
Yeah, that is more pimp-tacular. I recently sold mine. Looking at a 73 Impala.
metal-matt6 years ago
how can you play metal on that thing? it would prolly piss itself when you put heavy strings on it... a hardtail bridge is almost a must with metal, espesialy when downtuneing. i myself have a 6 string thats downtuned to A, like a downtune 7 string. and 2 other 6 strings in D, and C# i think... and a single coil? for metal? blehhh... high output humbucker in there, NOW. ohh and dont put a emg 81 in there...dont be a poser... but interesting effect...im starting a business in guitar painting, this would be a cool thing. sept i cant get latex and such >_<.
noonetrulylives (author)  metal-matt6 years ago
The pickup is actually a seymour duncan scorcher its one of the highest output humbuckers around. Also you don't need to downtune a guitar to play metal E and D tunings work fine. You have to realize not all metal is just seeing how low you can downtune a guitar. It's really frustrating to listen to newer metal everyone just gets warlocks, flying vs, or dimebag signature guitars, puts strings thicker than their fingers, and drops it to A. Point being I like the crisp sound and low action of standard tuning and the flexibility of a whammy. To each his own, that's what's so great about music. Just be careful in judging other peoples way when you only understand your own. Thanks for the compliments.
I agree with none on that. People tell me to stop playing blues with my single coil switch on ( i have a lp tribute thats switches between humbuckers and single coils) and i dont listen. i like the way it sounds. Its awsome sauce.
I might try this on my old kramar striker but i think im gonna mod it and put scars in it and make it more of a dawn of the dead style zombie. Cool idea tho.
Mr. Brownie6 years ago
Cool, but I might wait until I'm a better player, but you do need a coffin case guitar.
noonetrulylives (author)  Mr. Brownie6 years ago
I know. That's the first thought I had upon completion.
Tow insane minds think alike they say. Wait, or is that onions...
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