Step 8: Finishing Touches / Final Words

Picture of Finishing Touches / Final Words
Pat yourself on the back... You're now the proud owner of the most ferocious guitar in the world...


Now it's time to make up a background story. Be original!

Since I finished this I have thought about applying the process to other objects. One idea is to make a realistic looking necronomicon. Another idea is to use it as an Ipod covering. The sky is the limit!
it look good but the finish is some thing.........awful ,guitar is for love it not for dissgust to the view may be just the burn is awesome many people try it but you did it well just the burn out woluld be ok look anciant and not like an old skin dead thanks a nyway good process
noonetrulylives (author)  remzparadise5 years ago
I gotta say I think that it is beautiful in the way that its not something you see everyday. I mean don't you ever get tired of seeing the same finish on every guitar? Don't get me wrong I still get weak in the knees when I see a flame top les paul with a translucent finish. I was mainly just hoping to inspire others to think outside the box when customizing. Thank you very much for your comments and compliments.
If you like this guitar, you must be a metal head (I am) I'm curious as to what guitar you used. Its definitely a strat body... thats all i got.
here some thing ive done for example