This is more like a review on the new Nerf Vortex Vigilon than an instructable.
Today i got the Nerf Vigilon for only $25 and i think its one of the best blasters out there. 
It shoots with distances of a maximum of 70ft and is fairly accurate.
the discs can be bad if your in a place that is windy as they will sway in the wind. 
so this blaster is probably best for indoor battles. it has an internal clip, which takes less time to load than
a conventional Nerf clip or drum. it is the equivilant of the maverick out of the n-strike range but it has better range
and better accuracy (only for indoors).

                            Nerf Vigilon                               Nerf Maverick

Range                10                                                       8
Accuracy               8                                                       7   
RoF                      7                                                        7   
Capacity               5                                                        6

Last Sunday, I ALMOST got one of these at Goodwill in Bangor. I made the stupid mistake of thinking that the slide wouldn't work. After I got home, I realized that you have to have discs in it for the slide to work. So while i was at Goodwill, I put the gun back, and exchanged it for a Maverick. I could've gotten this AND a Maverick. It just goes to show: Never think stupid things about vortex guns, because they aren't like n-strike, and won't dry-fire.
Internal Magazine... Very few fire arms actually use a "clip." I know Nerf calls their magazines the "Clip System," but they are wrong in their terminology. Some how clip has become slang for magazine... silly kids and their rap music.. **
who cares? does it really matter if someone says clip or magazine?
i know but i just go by what nerf calls it
It can actually hold 7 discs, if you put in one and cock it then fit 6 more into the chamber
yeah i found that out too
awesome i got it for 15$ at target and its awesome

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