Introduction: The Nightmare Before Easter

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Enjoy easy cupcake with some Easter decoration

Step 1:

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Mix dry ingredients with milk, oil and egg

Step 2:

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Put batter in cupcake form. Oven - 180*C / Time - 25 mins

Step 3:

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Mix soft butter with baking powder into smooth cream. Add aroma as you like, and milk if needed

Step 4:

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Make eggs shell and chicken legs out of modeling paste - wait till dry

Step 5:

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Put butter cream on the cold cupcake

Step 6:

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Place egg shells around the cupcke (the cream will work as a glue) and legs in the centre

Step 7:

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Enjoy !!

Step 8:


Huuunksam (author)2016-03-21

great idea! I'm absolutely going to try this at my bakery! thank you!

Ms Moneypenny (author)Huuunksam2016-03-22

Post the picture !! :)

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