The Ninja's Umbrella





Introduction: The Ninja's Umbrella

Ever wanted to show off your inner ninja without being arrested for carrying a scary katana or wakizashi? Now you can with this awesome umbrella!

Step 1: What You Need

Material list:

-One piece of wood (appx 1*0.5*7inches)
-A few feet of black nylon webbing or similar material
-An umbrella


-wood file
-glue gun or staple gun

Step 2: Making the Wood Part

The main part of the sword's hilt is wood.
I took a length of wood and cut it down to 1in by 0.5in by 7in. Then I rounded the edges with a file. The size and shape of the wood is optional. You should have a look at other hilts to get ideas.

Step 3: Attaching the Hilt to the Umbrella

The hilt is going to replace the handle on the umbrella, so there needs to be a way to attach it. The simplest way is to cut the handle off and stick the new one on. 
Cut the handle off with a saw or break it off with pliers. Then drill a hole on the hilt that is the same size as the new end the umbrella. If both ends come together well, this step is done.

Step 4: Wrapping the Handle

The nylon webbing it for wrapping the handle. What I did was cut "bowties" with scissors and wrap it around the wood with glue along the webbing. You may need to cut and reglue sections of it.
Another method (which is also the right way to do it) can be found at

Step 5: Finish

Take the hilt and attach it to the umbrella with a bit of glue. Go show off your amazing umbrella or give it to someone for Christmas.  

Some ideas on what you can do with the hilt is:
-Put it on ski poles.
-Put it on a conductor's baton.
-Make your hockey stick look like a ninja sword.



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Questions & Answers


Just finished this, made a lot of improvements. Thing came out amazing. Wife loves it. I told her if she doesn't get stopped by the police at least once I haven't done a good enough job.

That's amazing. High five over the net!
I'm gonna have to make a new umbrella now, better than yours!

Great instructable! I am definately going to try this. One idea though, would be to use <- that for the handle.


Personally, I couldn't be bothered cutting out the 'bowtie' shapes; I'd either just twist the material and glue it down, or paint it instead. Or use that link you mentioned.
Liking the hockey stick idea too.

Well, if you look up katana handle wrapping, you'll find that you /don't/ cut triangles out of the material. You /do/ twist the material. Handle wrapping is not terribly difficult, and there are plenty of tutorials out there so you can do this right.

That's what JermsG was saying, that they wouldn't cut out triangles and that they would've followed the link to the tutorial on the proper way to do it.

To be accurate, I wasn't talking about what's realistic, only what I would do if I were making this project. I get the impression this isn't the most accurate representation ever, nor does it need to be.
I think cutting triangles is more time-consuming and less effective than simply twisting the fabric or painting the wood.
To do it 'properly', sure, use a decent wrapping technique such as those given in the link. It's probably what I would do, since I tend to prefer a nicer finish in this kind of thing.

I was trying to present a way to save time and effort for a better result than the original offering, but with much less effort than required for a completely realistic result.

Anyway, enough nitpicking for now. Less say, more do. =8-)

Sorry if what I was saying came across wrong, I was trying to back up what you were saying and clear up any misunderstandings. I obviously didn't manage to do that very well :)

If you want to wrap the grip on the umbrella insted of cutting it out you can follow my instructable it isent the best but you can get the point

living here in Florida with my Concealed weapons carry ticket I can carry a live blade. that would be good camo for it.