Step 5: Finish

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Take the hilt and attach it to the umbrella with a bit of glue. Go show off your amazing umbrella or give it to someone for Christmas.  

Some ideas on what you can do with the hilt is:
-Put it on ski poles.
-Put it on a conductor's baton.
-Make your hockey stick look like a ninja sword.
Ikkalebob4 years ago
Great instructable! I am definately going to try this. One idea though, would be to use http://www.tsukamaki.net/tsuka/ <- that for the handle.
living here in Florida with my Concealed weapons carry ticket I can carry a live blade. that would be good camo for it.
ANDY! (author)  panzerfaust3794 years ago
Will try to stay away from anyone with a ninja umbrella in Florida then! ;)
JermsG4 years ago

Personally, I couldn't be bothered cutting out the 'bowtie' shapes; I'd either just twist the material and glue it down, or paint it instead. Or use that link you mentioned.
Liking the hockey stick idea too.
haruspex JermsG4 years ago
Well, if you look up katana handle wrapping, you'll find that you /don't/ cut triangles out of the material. You /do/ twist the material. Handle wrapping is not terribly difficult, and there are plenty of tutorials out there so you can do this right.
Annatar24 years ago
If you want to add a bit more flare to the project look into putting a Tsuba (Hand Guard) on the end just above your wrapping. There's already an instructable for how to make one on the site, but if you're looking for something nicer you can always purchase one of the net (search: katana tsuba). Or you can try improving on the instructable already here and show us your results :)