The Octo-phonic Synthesizer is a polyphonic synthesizer that is able to produce eight tones that in the end, creates a musical scale. Inspiration for this creation came from this project. I like to think of it as an electronic organ. I used the core foundation of blinkyblinky's idea, but also focused more in detail to the craftsmanship of the housing of the actual synthesizer and the other parts.  This project is made possible by using the Arduino micro-controller. Joe Marshall wrote the code for this project. 


- Arduino Uno micro-controller
- Copper plating of some kind I used copper-plated fiberglass boards, since they can be cut relatively easily)
- Something to use as the base unit for the synthesizer (I used a cut of a floor molding)
- Epoxy (I used 5-minute epoxy)
- Headers (1 six-pin male header, 1 two-pin male header, 1 4-pin male header)
- 1 barrel plug-to-9-volt-battery coupling 
- 1 9-volt battery
- sandpaper
- wire
- speaker(s)
- utility knife
- box of some kind to house arduino and speaker (I used a wooden, craft storage box)
- spray paint 
- soldering gun 
- solder
- velcro strips

Step 1: Step 1 - Copper Keys

Cut your copper plates to the size that you desire. Since I was trying to make something similar in size to piano keys, I cut mine about 2 cm wide, by about 10 cm long. However, as long as all of your  8 copper keys can fit on your base unit, the size is up to you. Once you cut your copper keys to size, take a medium-grade sandpaper and sand the rough edges so the keys are smooth to the touch. 
<p>Hello, I want to ask about the code.</p><p>I got this error. Can you help me.</p><p>Octoponic.ino:807:5: error: expected unqualified-id before string constant</p><p>Error compiling.</p>
What gauge wire
This seems really neat. I'm going to have to try this out! <br>The only suggestion I have is that you might upload the .ino file instead of copy-pasting the code into one step. that does make it kind of lengthy. xD <br>Other than that, this project looks awesome! keep it up!

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