Step 3: Now- Back and Forth and Back and Forth.

Once your milk is hot, pour it carefully into  your French press pot and insert the screen and lid.

Put your towel or potholder on the top to protect your hand from the heat.  Hold firmly at the top and start slowly pumping the knob up and down.

Hold on tightly- HOT HOT HOT!

Normally, a minute or two of pumping is sufficient to create a super-dense and velvety foam.  The milk will approximately double in volume during foaming.
I'm using the same technique and it really works great! <br>
Works like a charm with soy milk, too!
A french press is known as a &quot;coffee plunger&quot; in Australia. I was reading this thinking &quot;Oh man, this coffee looks so good, if only I had a french press?&quot; but then I saw the image and was pleased to see that it was just your run of the mill $5 plunger. <br> <br>I like the idea of cold brewing coffee, I'm not a fan of the sharp acidic taste some coffee has. <br> <br>I don't have anything to brew coffee in though, so I might use the press for that too.
I am so with you on the quality of what home machines put out. I think I have filled an entire shelf in my garage with ones that are now sitting collecting dust and will never be anything more than a cutesy countertop item that takes up space.<br>I am going to try this, it looks great!
Nice! Great work :)
Nice! I like that Toddy cold brew system. I use a similar technique for making ice coffee. Here's the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Iced_Coffee/">instructable</a>. I use a 12-cup (48 oz.) french press that I rarely use for regular coffee.<br /> <br /> It's also cool to see the french press foaming technique. I'd have to recommend the dirt cheap foamer from Ikea, too. Only $2!
Thanks for posting, this method works VERY well. It is especially useful when we have a house-full of impatient coffee hounds stumbling into the morning kitchen! (helps get them excited to pitch in with breakfast prep) Thanks for the cold brew link
Wow, this is a great idea! I've wanted to make lattes at home but I do not want a big 'ol espresso machine in my kitchen. I'll definitely try this out - thanks!
Yes! I have been trying to figure this out for so long. I use an Aeropress which also produces what is basically espresso and I didn't want to buy an espresso maker just to steam the milk.

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