This is what happens when you take vacation at work.
ragdollman6 years ago
it that a ridding crop? lmao, You sirs have made my dad
hahahaha that is the best typing fail coincidence ever. "made my dad"   LOL! thats a little kinky haha 
lol, hilarious typing fail
I have so many pranks planned that i have no time but i could do it before the day of april fools
sergio004 years ago
are you spanish,sergioh?my name is sergio and i am spanish(soy español)
sommmen4 years ago
kip kay once made a ticklebox, (if links are allowed, if not iam srry....)

maybe make this on aaall that foil so that your victim will be shoked when her returns!
sir.joe (author) 6 years ago
Sorry, I rushed submitting this to Instructables. One of our co-workers took a week off of work, and we had been playing pranks on each other for months. Whenever someone had left on vacation, we would either cover their desk in tape, toilet paper, or whatever we could find. Right before this prank, instead of trashing his desk, we really cleaned up his desk. Well as a final and grand prank, we decided to take 5 days to cover his entire desk with aluminum foil. (and no we did not do this during work hours, what kind of employee would I be if I did that : ) The office stayed "as is" for a few days and everything was fully functional. Then he started going (mentally) crazy with all of the reflections and tore it all down. The foil ended up as huge foil balls.
What does it say on the notepad w/ TO DO List?
sir.joe (author)  MajorRockstar75 years ago
To Do List:
1. Foil Josh B's Desk: Return of the Silver Surfer
You may want to edit the slideshow, and copy what you wrote here into the description above.
Thanks for the idea. I'll have 3 months to do my co-worker's desk while she is on maternity leave. I can't wait.
Lowney6 years ago
How bored were you?
makes my fillings hurt just looking at it
Metal Crave6 years ago
This is awesome. It must have taken many hours to complete. What did the boss/supervisor have to say? I especially like the keyboard & phone, could you type with them??
karossii6 years ago
is that a riding crop on the corner of the desk?
Thought it was a cane.
Yeah, it looks like a horse whip.
jeff-o karossii6 years ago
I thought it was a golf putter...
wow that better than the peep circus my friend found on his desk at work
thepelton6 years ago
One teacher I knew took a vacation, and while he was gone, his coworkers created hollywood type cobwebs all over his desk by diluting rubber cement with bestine, and spraying it all over his desk. It ended up looking like no one except a few hundred spiders, had touched it for five years.
8bit thepelton6 years ago
Wow, I would love to see the results of that! Any images? What did you use to spray it? What porportions were they in?
thepelton 8bit6 years ago
The rubber cement was diluted with Bestine, and shot through an airbrush. I didn't do it myself, I just heard about it after the fact. I suppose you just mix in enough Bestine to liquefy it. It's standard Horror Movie cobwebs, and relatively harmless.
Ninzerbean6 years ago
Please clarify - did you take a vacation from work and your office mates did this to your desk, or did you take a vacation at work (as you state) and did this instead of going to Iceland or Disney or some other vacation spot? It's cool either way but it's unclear if you did it or not.
me Ninzerbean6 years ago
or did one of your office mates take a vacation, and you did this to his workplace?
what the static charge on that thing
It looks like this took a long time to complete. Did you do it during work hours? If so, looks like a fun place to work & you must have a lot of free time...and do you have any openings? :-)
Kozz6 years ago
That's great stuff! I hope the aluminum was recycled afterward. :)
mohnkern Kozz6 years ago
Wow, that's just an amazing piece of work, I hope his co-workers appreciated it.