Bored at work? Build your own 3" trebuchet out of paperclips and throw balls of blu-tac up to an amazing 4 feet. WOW!!
Please excuse the number of steps. It is really easy and can be made within an hour and from bits lying around the office, hence very cheaply.
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Step 4: The axle

Next, shape the axle. Make it so that the distance between the hooked ends is about 2". It should be wider than your intended ballast. The V shape (U shape in this case. Needlenose pliers are best for this sort of thing) must be central on the axle.

Step 8: Assembling the parts

Take the axle and insert it through the loop in the arm (not the eyelet) so that it sits in the V. I wrapped Cellotape around the axle either side of the V just to give it some thickness (so it doesn't slide all over the place).
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Cool, I made one of these at work, I used a D cell battery for the counterweight, and for a projectile I used a penny taped to a short piece of string, this string has a loop at the end and attaches to a hook on the end of the trebuchet arm. It can launch the penny about 10 feet with pretty good accuracy I was actually able to launch the penny into a cup. :) yes my job is very boring.
vincent75202 years ago
No video showing how to target you boss( left eye, and the face he makes when he gets it's on his sandwich at lunch time ???

Thank for the inst' anyway !…

you took this idea from another website you fail!!
Actually quite interested where you saw this. If it was the Discovery site, that was me. Anywhere else and they copied me.
No I didn't.
Redmonkey173 years ago
P.S. it makes it much more stable.
Redmonkey173 years ago
Instead of taping the two a-frame posts together, add an ex-paperclip support to make a tripod
Mustapha693 years ago
model magic also works
of course we all have PLIERS laying around the office
Why wouldn't you?
I carry at least a Leatherman Wave and a small swiss army knife with me always? He's not prepared?
Well, "someone" is not going to survive the zombie apocalypse. :)
I do...
:D its funny because its sarcatistly true
you could use the handle of the scisors as pliers
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This has suddenly taken a very sinister turn. I'd just be worried about what form the revenge would take.
(removed by author or community request)
20ft?!? That's a great range. I should really retrieve mine from it's box and start an office war.
War of the classrooms >=P.
one time my teacher braged that he was better than all of the school so we had a "teacher vs. kid" day
you idea got me sent to the princabal monkeyshoe10but ithink it was woth it
Well if its worth it =P
my problem was miss tattletale was in fromt of my target and i nailed her in the forehead (or was it her butt i can't tell the differance)
thats mean and insulting.
I made a cross bow out of pencils, a alligator clip, rubber bands, and duct tape in 8th grade. It could shoot a gold fish like 20 feet and a half a pencil about 30+! It was good cause it was pretty small and I could make goldfish explode on the bus drivers windshield teehee.
 goldfish! ur mean!
he's talking about the cheesy craker not an actual fish
Every exploded goldfish means one KARMA point taken away from you, lose your 100 points and something very bad will happen... Save your KARMA, don't launch goldfish from crossbows!
Is that supposed to be a reference to Fallout 3? If it was that was a good one.
Isn't the fallout limit -1000? (Very Evil)
BTW, love Fallout 3!
uhh yeah gold fish are a type of food.... Real gold fish would be hard to put in the cross bow and they would move too much. Good idea though
no they don't flop but they splat (my bro still has not forgivin me
ive done that 4 years with pennies and never been caught ( i dont know what i did but i can hit the windshield siting in the back with my sertroid mini crossbow)
 i  finally made mine working good all i need is ammo and i w)ill see you on the battle field (i didn't have batteries so i tied up some paperclips hoping to get better weights so i can use the paperclips an trebuchet supplies hey we could make a game out of paperclip men and make paperclip swords and bows to wage a full scale battle with infantry and archers and catapults it will be so cool!
(removed by author or community request)
Mine is made from steel I-beams. JK
mine is a laser sword, with guns on the side, that shoot more lazer swords!! lol
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