Step 24: Small Wheel Lift

This lift is very similar to the one I used in Cataclysm, except it's shorter than two red rods in diameter (instead it's at most 3 blue rods in diameter). I built the first version of this lift in my unfinished ball machine. Pictures 7 and 8 show it at an earlier point in the ball machine's construction.

Picture 9 shows a lift built by Sorunome, which classifies as a small wheel lift. This was in his ball machine Dystopia, which was built after my first version of the small wheel lift. It's different than the original though, since it doesn't use tubing and the wheel is built differently. The instructions can be found here.

In Citadel, I rebuilt this lift and improved it, like making it not use tubing, and making the wheel look better. There are 3 stacked up, and they use flexi-rods covered in blue spacers (silver spacers would also work). I don't have a video of these yet, since the ball machine is still under construction. Pictures 1-6 above are from Citadel's construction album (pictures 4-6 show the lift section before it was added to the ball machine).