Step 45: Pump Lift

This is a lift built by Sorunome. It consists of a chute, and the balls are pumped up by a mechanism at the bottom. A gate keeps the balls from falling back down. There is a piston that moves from side to side, which pushes the balls upward. This lift can be a problem if you don't have a lot of balls, because you can only make it as high as how many balls you have.

Here are the instructions!

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Lego Andrew2 years ago
Which ball machine was that in?
Catastropha, my newest ball machine
no, my webpage with an embed youtube vid of the ball machine.
Video? OK!!!!
I watched it in 3-D!!! awesome!!!
hehe, thanks. And it's incredible how well youtube can convert automaticly from 2D to 3D :)
Sorunome3 years ago
Could it be that for the entrence you took a pic i gave you before on skype?
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Yes, I found it in the picture folder. :-P
LOL, as you don't see the top it doesn't matter!
Do your smilies without noses! :)
*yay* smileys without noses are the best! :D
Sorunome2 years ago
i made instructions of the pump lift: