The offspring in action! :D
Let me know what you think.

Please Comment, Rate, and SUBSCRIBE!!!

P.S. the mag can use a rubberband as a pusher, just making sure you knex.

Edit: Gun was smashed by little boogers.... sorry =(
Just write +1 XD
i will die if you do not post!!!!
Then i will see you at your grave ._.
Is it ever coming back?
Most likely not :I
Hey, I know this topic has been out for a while, but could you post instructions? I think it's almost a better creation than your Project A. Please post.
It is but, part of it was smashed by some little boogers, and i lost a few pieces, so im improvising to make it still work :/
Are you going to post instructions?
Yeah, later though, im working on it :D
Post! I loooove your guns!
Thanks, and soon :D
You post, I build!
Soon :D
good gun....terrible music
You dont like dubstep? o:
i like the gun <br>post instructions
Soon, but, im working on it.
It was an album megamix, single songs are better though :|
epic gun<br>nice Vans(right?)<br>dubstep&lt;3
Yeah :D<br><br>And yep, DUBSTEP :D
nice one man =D
Thanks :D
no prob
Nice one =D

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