Introduction: The Old Frozen-Screen Prank

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This is a nice April Fools prank that will result to the victim lobbing many calls to tech support. The trick is that when the victim tries to click on an icon on his/her computer the computer will not respond to the clicking. In fact it won't even highlight the icon.

This is for the April Fools Contest so please vote for it. Thank you

Step 1: Requirments

You will need
1. A computer that can hide the icons. All windows can do this. I use a XPS 400 which will hide the icons
2. Victim

Step 2: Take a Screenshot

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All you have to do in this step is push the screenshot button on your keyboard. The screenshot button is on the top-right hand corner and says "Print Screen/SysRq" Then you have to paste the picture into paint or any picture editing program. And you have a screen shot. The screenshot you will be taking is of the desktop.

Step 3: Finishing the Prank

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Now all you have to do is change the backround on the desktop to the screenshot and hide the icons. The process is described in the pictures below. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Try to keep a straight face or else the whole prank will fail.


Pe-ads (author)2010-12-16

Lolage! I have to try this on someone sometime... though to make it look real you'll either have to cut the Windows bar from the bottom, or hid that. Hiding it would be funnier, because then they couldn't even access the Start menu. :D

snaketon (author)Pe-ads2011-01-12

you could access the start menu by pressing the windows button on your keyboard

Pe-ads (author)snaketon2011-01-12

I know, but it would still be funny. Besides, when their mouse moved to the fake Taskbar, the real Taskbar would pop up anyway.

Super_Nerd (author)Pe-ads2011-07-20

Deactivate the taskbar, and then put it at the top of the screen. Then let them struggle to make their computer run.


Kill the explorer process. This way the start bar is gone until you restart explorer or the computer.

Pe-ads (author)Super_Nerd2011-07-22

Yeah, not sure why I didn't think of that the first time :-P

Killing Explorer is much more fun >:-]

Synthax (author)Super_Nerd2011-07-21

in windows 7 i believe it will start itself if the system finds the process missing

Super_Nerd (author)Synthax2011-07-21

I tried it before and it didn't start itself. I started it later. And later when i rebooted my machine, it told me that the explorer process had recovered from a shutdown.

Poiujm (author)2011-06-04

you can also auto hide the start bar to get more madness

rhino (author)2011-01-20

The easiest way is just to display your screenshot in an image program using full screen display. Even your task bar is covered. I take a screenshot of the desktop. I do this a lot and it leaves people scratching their heads until they figure out to right click and get the menu to exit the program. I use ACDsee.

This is a great instructable though. I did not know you could hide your icons.

snaketon (author)2011-01-12

i know a quicker way;
right click and go to arrange icons by and the un-tick show desktop icons!
its much quicker!

alexplay123 (author)2010-12-24

dada :)

It's preety good....

chamster (author)2010-10-02

How do u hide the icons?

knexguy92 (author)chamster2010-12-20

Right click on the screen, click "arrange icons by", then click "show icons" (which should have a tick next to it) and then the icons will disappear.

chamster (author)2010-10-01

LOL!! I HAVE to play it on my little bros! They are crazy about their computor time. So they'll be freaking out when i play this on them!

ducktape.mac (author)chamster2010-11-07

hey if you have little brothers than you can take a screen shot of your desktop and just leave it open. this takes all of three seconds. but if your brothers are over like 7 then they might figure out pretty fast.

dark sponge (author)2010-01-25

 Better yet, end explorer.exe from the task manager. Now the taskbar doesn't work either!

jules15 (author)dark sponge2010-04-04

sweet thx

knex_mepalm (author)dark sponge2010-03-13


dark sponge (author)knex_mepalm2010-03-14

 Only until you you go to task manager > new task > explorer.exe or until you reboot the computer

BLASTFEMI (author)2009-07-25

Oh You wouldn't! That is a hilarious prank! I can't wait to try it on an unsuspecting someone! Thanks for the laughs!

zitz (author)2009-06-28

that pc looks like mine on the inside

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