Step 5: Folding the Tail

Next fold the strip you cut off lengthways and cut a notch about 3 cm from the end and half way down, you then fold down the flaps to make the elevators
It's awesome!
<p>it flies well! superb!! i like this plane much????????????</p>
THANKS!!! modified it to put talcum powder on so it can bomb my class mates!kinda kamikazee though btw thanks again to you and your idea
I learned this back in the 80's from a Korean student. I seemed to be the only other one to know anything about the &quot;bird.&quot; Glad to see multiple posts on the same plane! Thanks for the variation(s).
Very good for a first instructable! The picture quality was also very good too. Adding a page detailing the materials might make it even better!<br> <br> Anyway, keep up the good work! :)
thanks very much, i hadn't thought of that, i am going to add a video at some point as well<br>

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