Step 11: Attaching the Gametrak Parts to the Frame

Before you begin this next task, I suggest referring back to an overview photo of the controller, as appears below. In this step you'll be attaching the two spools to the board as well as the two joysticks and the one, simple pulley. The secondary spool and the pulley will be the two points around which the ribbon wire will loop, passing through the two joysticks at either end. The primary spool will be used to measure how much the controller is depressed.

The two spools and the pulley were attached to the frame by a very-sticky, double-sided tape. This turned out to not be enough for the pulley so I had to screw it into the board as well. If you can devise a better way of attaching these to the board so that they withstand the lateral forces of the ribbon, go right on ahead. I just used the pieces that I had available to me. If you do choose to use wood screws as I did for the pulley be careful that the screws don't split the plastic. The secondary spool should be at the back of the instrument with the two openings facing the length of the board. The primary spool should be at the front of the controller so that the opening, with the wire-guiding appendage, sticks out over the front edge of the frame. Once you have all of the components attached to the frame, take the wire out of the primary spool and wrap it around the bottom of the frame. I attached it back around to the hinge, but any point will do as long as it keeps the wire wrapped around the front of the controller. Now, when you depress the controller, the wire should wind back into the spool and then come back out again when you release the controller.

As for the joysticks, they are a bit more tricky to attach. You'll want to make sure that they are positioned so that the front half of the ribbon passes through them. I used two sets of L-brackets, screwed into the frame, to attach the joystick boards to. I then attached the joystick boards to the L-brackets with two pairs of binder clips, being careful to ensure that the clips don't short-circuit the wiring on the board.

I think that the pictures will be your most helpful reference for this part of the project.