Picture of The PERFECT amount of mouthwash, Every Time!
If your like me, at 6:00 AM your not ready to deal with any stress.
and what worse stress is there then brushing your teeth?

This instructable shows you how to get the Perfect amount of Mouthwash every time
without waste, and without fuss.

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Step 1: The Infomercial

Picture of The Infomercial

Step 2: The Items

Picture of The Items
One of the problems in buying Listerine at a big box store it comes in a bottle that's 1.5 litres, with a cover that holds maybe 3 oz of mouthwash, when all you need is about a ounce, and you waste
most of it, and if your like me in the morning, you spill more then you use!

I discovered that ACT (18oz) mouthwash's top fits the 1.5 liter Listerine bottle perfectly
which brought me to the idea of using the ACT bottle as a mouthwash dispenser for the listerine
(I'm not a big fan of the ACT mouthwash flavor) and at $4.00 a 18oz bottle or $3.89 for 3 times that amount...

Step 3: Video on how its done

Picture of Video on how its done

lemonie5 years ago
Who is the dude in step-1, that isn't you in a past-life surely?

macgeek (author)  lemonie5 years ago
LOL - its a future version of a past me.

why not just take a swig from the big bottle? its an antiseptic so its not like your putting your germs on it
macgeek (author) 5 years ago
I have seen mouthwash "pumps" and other ways of just not pouring it out
for me this idea was just a perfect way to get the exact amount of mouthwash
and also save money by using less Listerine.

mikeasaurus5 years ago
why not forget the smaller bottle and just pour less into the larger cup of your original mouthwash?
Or just use the ACT... I use it, it was recommended to me as better than Listerine by 2 different dentists.
theRIAA5 years ago
You're just re-using another brands more well-designed container. Still a great instructable! just underwhelming after the misleading title.

I just take a swig from the big bottle myself.