The P.P.A.T.A.R - Power2fire's Powerfull Accurate Turret Assault Rifle




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Introduction: The P.P.A.T.A.R - Power2fire's Powerfull Accurate Turret Assault Rifle

About: I'm a guy who likes knex guns and COD MW 2.

Hello guys

I made The FSSG (logic boy) and The Assassin (Knexfreek) --> credits to them.
Then i disided to complicate the guns, so i used the rail and trigger from the FSSG and the turret from the Assassin.

V1.0 - the FSSG cutted in the middle and the Turret connected to it.
V1.1 - I changed the Stock and Grip
V1.2 - I added a Front Grip
V1.3 - I added the front of the gun that the turret holds straight.
V1.4 - I added a front barrel (because it doesn't shot straight) and now it will really do !!!
V1.5 - I changed a few things and added a sight.
V1.6 - I made the frontbarrel detacheable and stronger
V1.7 - I made the trigger much better

I don't have pictures of the other versions but I will put the photographs here if i change it.

- Very accurate
- Very powerful and a big range(if you put enought rb's on it)
- Strong body and stock
- Good sight
- Good slide action system (made by logic boy, so credits to him)
- True trigger (too made by logic boy)
- It has a turret
- Very comfortable

- It can't shoot oodammo(i'm making a detachable front barrel so you can shoot it when you remove the front barrel)

I will post it if there are enought people who like it.

Just rate/comment and subsribe and i will post it soon (maybe with a few mods)



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     Very nice!!!!!!! Thankyou for the credit!!! :D
    Looks AWESOME!!!! 5 stars!!!! I say POST!

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    i'm changing it, i'll maybe post him in the weekend when matsermetsuiker is going to come to me!

    do you have subsribed? i've already subsribed to you yet !

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    hmm vaugely resembles my turreted FSSG exept mine still was a shotgun