So you put up a new painting in the living room, and it looks beautiful. It stays for a few weeks, and you get bored with it and want a new one. But after the first, you're broke! Well, this thing is as many paintings as you wish all at once, and it's not a collage or mosaic. Nay, it's a SLIDESHOW!

Step 1: Some stuffs

You need
() A spare computer you don't mind losing
() Interwebs
() A wall
() A drill
() 2 screws
() 2 wall brackets
() Sheet metal


() Picasa
A&nbsp;digital picture frame might be easier/cheaper, it would also take up less room and electricity.<br />
that kinda takes away the effect of a painting...
&nbsp;So does a computer monitor...
I guess it is a good idea, but if your going to go through the trouble, have a really nice real picture frame around the monitor.

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