Introduction: The Painting of 1,000 Paintings (OR MORE!)

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So you put up a new painting in the living room, and it looks beautiful. It stays for a few weeks, and you get bored with it and want a new one. But after the first, you're broke! Well, this thing is as many paintings as you wish all at once, and it's not a collage or mosaic. Nay, it's a SLIDESHOW!

Step 1: Some Stuffs

Picture of Some Stuffs

You need
() A spare computer you don't mind losing
() Interwebs
() A wall
() A drill
() 2 screws
() 2 wall brackets
() Sheet metal


() Picasa

Step 2: Get Your Paintings

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Find all of your paintings that you wish to put up and save them to a folder.

Step 3: Some Quick Adjustments

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Adjust your photos using Picasa to match your screen size (mine was 1024x1068)

Step 4: Make a Space in the Wall

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If your wall is like mine, you have many hollow spaces. Use a stud finder to find a hollow space in the wall, and drill about 3 feet from the floor below where you would like to hang the paintings.

Step 5: Place CPU and Feed Wire

Picture of Place CPU and Feed Wire

Well, the title says it all.


Feed the wire DOWN!!!!!!!!! Then reach in with an Allen wrench and take the end out.


Step 6: Final Steps

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Plug the monitour cable into the monitor and use the screws to prop up the monitor.
You're done!

Step 7: Now...

Picture of Now...

Set the PC to not go into screensaver (that can be a real pain).
Use Picasa again to start the slideshow, and leave!
The paintings will automatically cycle.

Step 8: At Last!

Picture of At Last!

Enjoy this picture of a kitten! :3


JakeTobak (author)2010-01-11

A digital picture frame might be easier/cheaper, it would also take up less room and electricity.

mason0190 (author)JakeTobak2010-03-29

that kinda takes away the effect of a painting...

Damage, Inc. (author)mason01902010-04-04

 So does a computer monitor...

mason0190 (author)Damage, Inc.2012-03-31


mgauvin8810 (author)2011-05-19

I guess it is a good idea, but if your going to go through the trouble, have a really nice real picture frame around the monitor.

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