This is my second instructable and this gun is pretty good. At point blank range with four postal rubberbands it shoots almost all the way through a shoebox. It probably shoots 30-35 feet. I give the credit for the trigger and the barrel design to Viccie.B1993. Please comment and Rate!!!

Kookoo for knex

P.S. I am not liable for any damages, injuries, or crazy things you might decide to do with it.

Step 1: Piece Count

38 green rods
16 white rods
5 blue rods
4 yellow rods

35 yellow
2 red
4 blue 3d
11 gray clips
5 orange
2 blue clips
Not to be too harsh, but I really didn't like this &quot;pistol.&quot;<br /> <br /> Just taking a section of the Sipriani Rifle barrel and adding an awkward, uncomfortable handle doesn't improve it. For what it's trying to be, there are much better guns for the pieces, even with mags. At least it has a proper trigger.<br /> <br /> For everyone reading this, don't assume you're a K'nex gun maker simply because you found out that a few pieces and rubber bands can fire a small projectile. Make sure it is decent and original. Also, FOR&nbsp;THE&nbsp;LOVE&nbsp;OF&nbsp;GOD, NO&nbsp;BLOCK&nbsp;TRIGGERS!<br /> <br /> Sorry for the small rant, it doesn't completely go for you. 1.5*, though.
yes, that is what I think and you can't deny it.
no, it dosn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's what you think.
MY TARGET PISTOL LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It does except for the handle.
IT DOES NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whatever. Either you got it from me or Viccie B. 1993, because that is the same barrel concept and trigger he uses.
umm, ok, pretty simplistic, not a lot to it. 3.5*=above average<br/>
you know what, ill just bump it up to 4* because it has a true trigger and i can build this one twice (not saying that i will tho, i have other knex projects)<br/>
This is neat! Good Job!
Pretty good, Prety good but, i think your add-ons to my Sipriani are better :/ Anyway, 4 stars.
everyone rate it 0.5. not to be cruel to kookoo for knex but it's not that good.
its okay, at least its not block trigger
well i would have to admit that ill go rate it higher because it's not a block trigger, and for that im gonna give it 5/5 stars :D
Thanks, I guess. lol
Are you using #64 elastics??? Are you using 4 of them? Because this gun is amazing regardless of what you say.
If you don't like it that is fine, but some people might like it. That's just me. kookoo for knex

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