The Parthenon Athens Greece Model





Introduction: The Parthenon Athens Greece Model

This is the model of the parthenon I made in 6th grade, this model was built for a project in wich we had to make a replica of a landmark or building. I made this at my house. It was constructed from some project foam board, dowel rods, paper, super glue, and white glue. I used utility knives, and hobby knives. My Dad helped me on this project (because he is an engineer). As I was building this I relized that my scale was going to be to big to fit in the two foot by two foot space that we were allowed, so we made it smaller. The biggest problem that arose was making the holes that the columns sat in, we decided to drill them and that worked fine. This took about 6 hours to construct total. That may seem like a long time but over a few days it is not that long. I got a 48/50 on this project (I lost 2 points because of grammar). This was not assembled from a kit nor with instructions. I had a lot of fun building this but, if I did this differently, I would curve the collums to create the optical illusion created in the real Partheneon and I would make it a lot bigger!



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    What if I want to make this out of toothpicks? How small did you make it?

    like really how do we make this it looks hard

    I found the measurements online and scaled them down to the model size that I wanted to build. I drew the pieces out on foam board, cut them all out with an exacto knife and glued them together with super glue. The columns are made of 1/2 inch wooden dowel. The designs on the front and back were printed and glued on.

    or something like that because i have to make it for my 6th grade project

    and yes i am i 6th grade but somebody please help me with this project or do something that will kinda help like this pic except that i do not know how to make this

    hi i really like that can you make a video of how to make it

    I am positively telling you to use your brain. thank you