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This is the model of the parthenon I made in 6th grade, this model was built for a project in wich we had to make a replica of a landmark or building. I made this at my house. It was constructed from some project foam board, dowel rods, paper, super glue, and white glue. I used utility knives, and hobby knives. My Dad helped me on this project (because he is an engineer). As I was building this I relized that my scale was going to be to big to fit in the two foot by two foot space that we were allowed, so we made it smaller. The biggest problem that arose was making the holes that the columns sat in, we decided to drill them and that worked fine. This took about 6 hours to construct total. That may seem like a long time but over a few days it is not that long. I got a 48/50 on this project (I lost 2 points because of grammar). This was not assembled from a kit nor with instructions. I had a lot of fun building this but, if I did this differently, I would curve the collums to create the optical illusion created in the real Partheneon and I would make it a lot bigger!


shotgunshane (author)2013-02-24

Please favorite this and vote for all three contests

JoseeH (author)2017-05-16

What if I want to make this out of toothpicks? How small did you make it?

giselle_cat_lover (author)2016-03-06

how do we make it?

like really how do we make this it looks hard

I found the measurements online and scaled them down to the model size that I wanted to build. I drew the pieces out on foam board, cut them all out with an exacto knife and glued them together with super glue. The columns are made of 1/2 inch wooden dowel. The designs on the front and back were printed and glued on.

ameliamae3355 (author)2016-11-19

or something like that because i have to make it for my 6th grade project

and yes i am i 6th grade but somebody please help me with this project or do something that will kinda help like this pic except that i do not know how to make this
ameliamae3355 (author)2016-11-19

hi i really like that can you make a video of how to make it

sophia_rose04 (author)2016-04-25

how do u make it?

I am positively telling you to use your brain. thank you

shotgunshane (author)casieleighw2016-11-09

haha, you speak the truth!

ashvaz (author)2016-11-09

Where are the instructions

shotgunshane (author)ashvaz2016-11-09

I found the measurements online and scaled them down to the model size that I wanted to build. I drew the pieces out on foam board, cut them all out with an exacto knife and glued them together with super glue. The columns are made of 1/2 inch wooden dowel. The designs on the front and back were printed and glued on.

carltonolearya (author)2015-12-12


Luuah (author)2015-06-01

nice job!

danymayoral (author)2015-02-05

were did you get the template for the columns

shotgunshane (author)danymayoral2015-02-05

I drew it up on Microsoft paint.

so_adorable8 (author)2015-01-16

Wow, that is really nice! It really helped me with my 6th grade project, that is due in a week! Thanks, btw, nicely done!

TutisTootsieRoll (author)2014-04-13

How big was the model? Im making a model also, so I needed ideas.(By the way, GREAT model!!)

it is about 2 feet long and about 10 inches wide, there are many scale drawings on the web at your disposal if that isn't good enough

Flateric (author)2013-02-28

Ok, it is very nice, this is something no-one would disagree with.

But this site is called Instructables and the contests you are entering are for "published step by step" illustrating how you created the project. This is stated in the rules when you entered.

This is not a show something really cool you have once made and not show how to make it. Or only say "maybe" when people ask you to show how you made it.

Not being mean or anything, but we would very much like to have your instructable so that we may attempt to create a cool model such as yours! (Oh and by the way it is in fact VERY COOL!)

shotgunshane (author)Flateric2013-02-28

First of all thank you for your comment. As I said in the body, I made this when I was in 6th grade. I am now in 7th grade. I do not know where I placed the papers with the dimensions, it was also relatively difficult to construct. When I said maybe to electricloser it was because I was considering whether or not to recreate it, it is not because I did not make or anything.

Flateric (author)shotgunshane2013-02-28

Ok, but sometimes great effort brings the most reward. The fact that you could achieve something so great at such a young age is even further proof of your talent to produce amazing things.

I could not have made something this nice at that age and this speak well of your creativity and drive to follow a project through to completion.

I urge you to show your steps as best you can, perhaps for even each unique part of the structure and follow with a note such as "repeat 30 times" for example.

I would very eagerly vote for you as I am sure many others would as well if you give us a basic framework to your pattern of thinking, planning and some execution of parts that allowed you to create something so nice. And you may just win yourself a great prize for your efforts.

Something else you will surely get which you may find equally as rewarding would be the fact that you have inspired others to create things of their own that they may not ever have previously attempted or even considered attempting. So a little bit of credit for their creations will go to you and this is a truely great and rewarding feeling.

I cannot promise you will win a prize of material reward, but I can promise you will feel a prize in the form of knowing you have helped others be creative and try things they would not have otherwise. The internet is hear to stay, you instructions will likely stay available to and be read by potentially 10 of thousands of people over time. Long into your lifespane and after potentially.

Make your mark, start with the why you decided to make this project.

Follow with various possible ways of starting it, why you rejected some, why some had more merit than others, finally how you decided to move forwards and what you initial steps were.

How did you establish dimensions, scale, why paper, was it a school assignment?

How long did it take you to assemble.

Give some tips on how you put the patterns to paper, tips on cutting these patterns, gluing, pitfalls and failures along the way that you can save others from and how you choose the "best" way to make parts in repetition and still be perfectly similar without going bananas, LOL.

Finally show even with a few parts recreated in photos the generall part assembly into larger parts to make a whole, tips, tricks.

Then encourage others to try it out on their own projects and post their own instructables. Also to leave you feedback so that you might learn something or a technique you may not have thought of that will further your skills for the next project you tackle.

This is the essence of what this site is about!

You can't tease us with something so cool and not try to give us some insight into the creation of the cool final project! :)

You can do it.

(You might just win a prize in more ways than you realize)

shotgunshane (author)Flateric2013-03-03

you speak words of wisdom, I will work on it, i am kind of preoccupied as i have to plan a virtual trip to Bora Bora, and it is due in 12 days. But thanks for your advice.

andreyeurope (author)2013-02-26

As electricloser said, will you show as how have you made it ? Or it isn't your creation, is it ?

As I said in the body, i made it in 6th grade, did not take any pictures of it, i don't know what to do, should i remake it? i don't have the drawings with the scales or anything. Please help me.

Oh and i did make it so don't accuse me of not.

Ok. By the way , it is very nice.

Thank you, happy Instructabuilding!

HavocRC (author)2013-02-25

Very nice, are you going to show us how to make it?

shotgunshane (author)HavocRC2013-02-26

Thank you, maybe

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