Inspired by the TV show The League, my roommate and his high school buddies started
a Fantasy Football league this year and asked me to make them a trophy for the winner.
They all like to hang out at the Peacock Lounge in Sunnyvale, CA so we decided to make
the trophy in homage of their favorite bar. After some brainstorming and a few sketches I
came up with a design, and my building process is as follows....

Things used:
AutoDesk Inventor
Adobe Illustrator
Table Router
Wood glue
Laser Cutter
Beer cans
sand paper
Metal Lathe
Milling Machine
acrylic paint
Painters tape
threaded rod
bailing wire
aluminum foil
Spray paint
Devcon plastic welder
& TechShop =)

Step 1: Design

My initial sketches were done by hand, but in order to take full advantage of the CNC ShopBot
at TechShop I had to make some digital files (this also helped to fully visualize the project before
starting anything physical). So I did a mock up of everything except the peacock on top, due to my
3D character modeling skills being a bit rusty. Once the files were made its Making Time!
Bleedin' awesome.
That is a fantastic trophy! One to be proud of for sure. You have a very broad skill base to draw upon. Well done sir. <br> <br>We usually have a neighborhood game night once a year where couples play against each other on various bar games. The overall winners take home a trophy and usually we have a random category that others can win such as best trash talk, best team outfits, etc. You have inspired me for the next game night.
Nicely done, I love how the peacock turned out.
thank you thank you, i was pleased as well. working with Bondo turned out to be a very pleasant experience. if you mess up you can always add more Bondo and sculpt some more. =)
This will sound a little crazy but where do you get bondo? Maybe you said in the instructable and I missed it, I really want to play with it. People talk about it on here a lot but seeing your work I finally have an idea spinning around in my head. :)
pretty much any store that sells automotive supplies (osh, home depot, walmart, target...) <br>it can be messy at times. heed the warnings on the can. <br>be safe and have fun =)
This is really lovely! I was not only pleasantly surprised by the materials you used, I'm very impressed with your craftsmanship! Well done!
thank you, I try to be thrifty and craftsmanship is always something to strive for ;) i'm glad it shows

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