This is my latest and greatest tool, that is incredibly handy, because it's a pen sized screwdriver with interchangeable bits, torx, Phillips, and standard bits. It also holds two extra bits on the base on the pen. I know some of the parts are different colors on the same pieces, this is because I already made this, then realized that this would be cool to enter on instructables for the pocket sized contest, so I had to make another one to get some pictures of the build!

Step 1: Get the Parts!

Okay this is a very simple build, but very handy and cost effective.


1 pack of 1/4" mono phone plug in the silver diamond grip not the cheap plastic kind. $1.50

1 Big pen about the size in the picture (use the bits next to it as a size to realate to.) $1.00

1 bolt with a hexagonal gut in the top, this is where the bits fit into...

some JB weld

some regular bits that you use in your drills I used torx, phillips, and standard.


1 vice

1 grinder

1 dremel tool, and a sanding wheel

a leather man if you don't want to use yours, or don't have one, you could just use some needle nose pliers and an exact o knife

a bowl, filled with preferably somewhat cold water, this is used to cool your parts after grinding.

a nail or what ever you want to use to mix the JB weld

a lighter this is for JB weld mistakes because if you don't already know, heating up JB weld immidiatly after the error, will soften it enough to correct it

and some paper shop towels.

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