The Penetoaster (A penetration testing platform / hidden emulator vault)

Picture of The Penetoaster (A penetration testing platform / hidden emulator vault)
Here is yet another off the wall completely insane idea, spawned from boredom and my sick and twisted views on IT Security. I recently won the April fools day contest with my Shockeration Instructable and one of the Prizes was a Toaster USB Hub. As I went through the prizes I stopped looked at the hub and went what am I going to do with that? This is what I came up with! 

Back Ground Info
The company that I work for and the position that I hold within the company lets me think of different ways to test the knowledge of our user's and there ability to determine if something poses a security risk or not.  Because of this background the penetoaster was born.    If you want some more IT security related info don't hesitate to message me! 
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Step 1: Materials / Tools Required

Picture of Materials / Tools Required
Materials Required

1. Toaster USB Hub
2. Solder 
3. Kapton Tape (or other insulating material)
4. Teensy with Micro SD Card Adaptor  (Be it 2.0, 2.0++ or 3.0)
5. Hot Glue Sticks
6. Mini-B USB Cable (that you don't mind Destroying)
7. Micro SD Card

Tools Required

1. Soldering Station (I use a Weller WES51)
2. Wire cutters / Wire Stripper 
3. Hot Glue Gun 
4. Drill 
5. Phillips Screw Driver 
6. Utility Knife 

Software Required

1. Arduino
. Teensy Library / Software Loader
. Console Emulator + ROMS (optional)
4. Script to program into the Arduino to auto execute a file (Again Optional)

Step 2: Dis-assembly of the Toaster USB Hub

Picture of Dis-assembly of the Toaster USB Hub
This step is super simple, as the toaster USB hub is very simple. 

1. Remove the 4 Phillips Screws holding the base in place. 
2. Remove the 6 Phillips Screws holding the circuit board to the top half of the shell. 

Step 3: Information about the USB Hub Chip (FE1.1S)

Picture of Information about the USB Hub Chip (FE1.1S)
A Simple Google Search of the chip model turned up a very good datasheet. It explains that each one of these USB Hub Chips can have up too 4 different devices connect to it (Including another USB Hub Chip)

Here is the Data Sheet Link

crazyg1 year ago
congrats on winning a competition , the thing is iv got to the bottom of the page and i still dont really understand how it works /what it does!
i understand your concern for computing infrastructure , to demonstrate some sort of benign effect would be nice, instead of run qbackup
Psycosisnine (author)  crazyg1 year ago
This device emulates a keyboard and mouse, as well as a USB thumb drive when a MicroSD card is plugged in. Because of this when its plugged in after the drivers are installed the scripting takes over, it presses a series of keystrokes that run a file off of the MicroSD card. This opens up a lot of possibilities like running an executable with a virus, or running a batch file that can copy certain files etc.Really you could add a teensy and a hub to just about any device and use it to steal information or infect a network with a virus.
polossatik1 year ago
congrats with the price!
That Torch is very nice one.
I had a lot of cheaper ones going down but never my ledlenser P7.
Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
Never mind I got it today!!!!!
Anarx1 year ago
Mmm Toasted Duck... Nicely done sir!.
Psycosisnine (author)  Anarx1 year ago
Where are you getting a duck from ?
Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
You got your prize already? How?
Psycosisnine (author)  Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
It came in a fedex box ?
Psycosisnine (author)  3v3ht_H0riz3h1 year ago
BrittLiv1 year ago
Lol, I just opened mine and you've already hacked it... Good job!
Psycosisnine (author)  BrittLiv1 year ago
Heh yeah.... just seemed like the right thing to do. Next up on the list add LED's to the toast usb drive eyes.... muahahahha
Haha, that would actually be awesome. Though I would not have the heart to drill into them and I don't see any easy way to do so since the eyes are painted on the cap. Making the entire toast glow red, by thinning out the inside could be cool, though.
Prize hacked as soon as it was won and received - well done, sir!
Psycosisnine (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
LOL Yes, thats how I looked at it. I wouldn't normally use a USB Hub otherwise!