Introduction: The Perfect Gardening Pants

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Gardening is a fun hobby, and you can raise yummy food and pretty flowers, but the perfect gardening outfit is hard to find.

It would be comfortable in cooler and warmer weather, made of a breathable fabric so that sweat will not be trapped against the skin.

Let's start with the perfect pair of gardening pants...

the pants should be comfortable and loosely fitting with an elastic waist with a wide elastic. The fabric should be infused with bug repellent, and be stain and wrinkle resistant. It should block all UV rays so the wearer does not need to wear sunblock under the pants.

Step 1: Bottom of the Pant Legs

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There should be a drawstring at the base of each pant leg so that you can pull to tighten the pant legs against invasion of things like poison ivy or poison oak vines.

Step 2: Padded Knees

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Gardening requires a lot of kneeling so some built in kneeling pads that are durable and will hold up to use and multiple washings. Ideally they would be constructed of a comfortable gel pad that would not be affected by machine washing.

Step 3: Pockets, Pockets, Pockets...

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Gardening requires tools, and having lots of pockets and loops to carry tools would be essential in the ideal gardening pant...

There would be the standard jeans style pockets by the waist for car keys and such, loops just below those pockets for handing clippers or trowels on a carabiner, large cargo pockets on the sides of the leg with flaps that close with velcro, and flat pockets on the bottom of the leg for carrying light items like seed packets and signs to mark rows of vegetables.


Kiteman (author)2013-05-06

Are you going to make a pair?

CitizenScientist (author)Kiteman2013-05-06

As soon as I can find a good fabric. I'm thinking a fun print but sturdy.

Marcaine Art (author)2013-05-06

Honestly my preferred gardening pants are nurses scrub pants that have additional cargo pockets already in them. I've gotten them at Wally World for about $10. I would like to try the thai fisherman pant design as well. They look super comfortable. I don't know how I feel about the infused bug repellant.

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