Necessities to make a Mini-Box

• Printer

• Card Stock (110 lb. white or color works best)

• Cutting Surface (i.e. IKEA thin plastic cutting board)

• X-Acto Knife

• Ruler

• Letter Opener / Boning Tool

• Colored Pencils / Pens

• Rubber Cement - Glue

• Tissue

• Ribbon

Step 1: Print Out the Mini-Box Pattern

Download the PDF (below) and print it on your preferred type of paper.

I tried printing the mini-box patter on a couple of different types of paper but I found that 110 lb. card stock works best. I used 110 lb., 8 1/2" x 11" White Card Stock paper from Staples. I colored the box by hand (which was why I used white card stock) but if you want a solid colored box, you could just print the pattern on a solid colored card stock.
Excellent. I've been thinking about different ways to store misc bits of hardware - nuts and bolts, screws and anchors, etc. This is perfect.<br />
Great - I'm so happy to hear my box will be used :)<br /> Thanks for the feedback!<br />

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