Picture of The Perfect Gift: RAW Cookie in a Mini-Box
Necessities to make a Mini-Box

• Printer

• Card Stock (110 lb. white or color works best)

• Cutting Surface (i.e. IKEA thin plastic cutting board)

• X-Acto Knife

• Ruler

• Letter Opener / Boning Tool

• Colored Pencils / Pens

• Rubber Cement - Glue

• Tissue

• Ribbon

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Step 1: Print out the Mini-Box Pattern

Download the PDF (below) and print it on your preferred type of paper.

I tried printing the mini-box patter on a couple of different types of paper but I found that 110 lb. card stock works best. I used 110 lb., 8 1/2" x 11" White Card Stock paper from Staples. I colored the box by hand (which was why I used white card stock) but if you want a solid colored box, you could just print the pattern on a solid colored card stock.
miniBox.pdf(612x792) 41 KB

Step 2:

Picture of
Using an X-Acto knife, ruler, and cutting board, cut out the mini-box pattern that you printed out in the previous step.

Step 3: Fold the Mini-Box along the Dotted Lines

Picture of Fold the Mini-Box along the Dotted Lines
Using a ruler and a boning tool or letter opener, fold along the dotted lines.

Step 4: (Optional) Decorate the Mini-Box

Picture of (Optional) Decorate the Mini-Box
Using whatever decorative medium you like (pencils, pens, paint, stickers, chalk, pastels, etc.), decorate your Mini-Box.

Step 5: Fold the Mini-Box

Picture of Fold the Mini-Box
Fold the sides of the box up and wrap the bottoms around each other - PURPLE over and then under RED.

Once the RED and PURPLE bottoms are in place, wrap the 'secure bottom piece' around and tuck it into the bottom (the WHITE piece under the RED flap).

Step 6: Glue the Side

Picture of Glue the Side
After you have secured the bottom, glue the front of the box together at the opening.

Step 7: (Optional) Tissue and Bow

Picture of (Optional) Tissue and Bow
Place tissue in the bottom of your *almost* finished box. Using a needle or the tip of your X-Acto Knife, make two small holes under the lid of your box - at the hole marks. Thread a small ribbon through the holes and tie a bow on the lid of your box. If you want to use a larger ribbon, make larger holes.

Step 8: (Optional) Personalize your Mini-Box

Picture of (Optional) Personalize your Mini-Box
Add a "To," "From," and/or personal message to the sides of the box. 

Step 9: Your Mini-Box is Complete

Picture of Your Mini-Box is Complete
Your Mini-Box is ready to be filled with the RAW cookies you've made and given to your lucky recipient!
srohwer5 years ago
Excellent. I've been thinking about different ways to store misc bits of hardware - nuts and bolts, screws and anchors, etc. This is perfect.
khalterman (author)  srohwer5 years ago
Great - I'm so happy to hear my box will be used :)
Thanks for the feedback!