The Perfect Grilled Pesto and Veggie Pizza Date Night

Picture of The Perfect Grilled Pesto and Veggie Pizza Date Night
This instructable is not only an instructable about making an INCREDIBLE grilled pesto pizza with caramelized shallots and grilled veggies; it is also an instructable about creating a wonderful evening to be shared with friends and loved ones.

You will need:

1.) A recipe for your favorite type of pizza dough. We used this one for a honey whole wheat crust:, or you can use white dough or even frozen dough from the grocery store.

2.) Pesto (ours was a delicious homemade recipe) or store bought will work

3.) Vegetables of your choice to grill; we used yellow squash, zucchini, and red bell pepper (one of each will leave you with extras to snack on)

4.) Shallots or onions

5.) Butter

6.) Shredded cheese (We found a pizza blend that is very tasty)

7.) A BBQ
8.) Rolling pin (or sturdy cup)

9.) Fresh basil leaves (optional but delicious)

10.) WINE!
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Step 1: The Dough

Picture of The Dough
If you make your own dough, be sure to allow enough time for the dough to rise. Once made (or purchased), roll the dough out to the desired size. We used half of the dough and rolled it thin for a thin crust, but you could opt for a thicker crust if you'd like.

Put this on a cutting board or pizza board, and set it aside.
mistyp2 years ago
This looks absolutely delicious!