Step 17: Place on Cookie Sheet

Place your cinnamon-coated cookie balls on a cookie sheet. I space them about 2-3 inches apart to ensure that my cookies don't run into each other. I like them to be nearly-perfect circles. And no, in case you're asking, I don't have OCD.... 

Anyway, I cook 9 cookies on a sheet at a time. 
<p>I lost my old recipe, and needed to make some cookies for a community outreach. This worked like a charm, even with my slight modification of a little cinnamon and vanilla in the dough. For those curious about yield, I got 47 cookies from this. Thank you for sharing!</p>
These are great!!! Made them with a friend and probably ate 10!
Thanks for an awesome recipe!! Made these the other day and they are so good. :) I'm in Australia too so I just used a cup of butter... Not sure what that is in grams, unfortunately! But a lot of cookbooks have conversion tables in them so that might help.<br/>About 8-9 minutes at 200 degrees C turned out nice soft fluffy cookies. :D
Hi I'm in Australia and would like to know how many grams is one stick of butter that you use
Have those same containers.
Holy Moly! The description IS my favorite Snickerdoodle. I'm saving this for a time when I can bake some to try... Thanks!
Thank you for your great, great grandmother's recipe. My family enjoyed it! :)
Just a question Iv made a batch and have enough mix to make about a thousand snicker doodles is this right this is what's left after making 23 balls
Thanks for a recovered memory. When I was very young, I took part in a school play. The only thing I remember about it was the mention of snickerdoodles in the script and the need for prop cookies. My mother baked a batch of genuine snickerdoodles for the performance and they were a hit with the cast. I haven't had a snickerdoodle in the 40 years since. <br> <br>I'm sure I can follow your recipe.
Is this all in American because I'm in Australia and if I set the oven to 400 degrees I think the would be charcoal...? Thanks.
Yes, the recipe cites temperature in Fahrenheit degrees. In Oceania, simply cut the temp in half to 200&ordm;C and your cookies will bake perfectly.
Those look so good! I really need to try making these, I've never done it before :)

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