How to Make the Perfect Steak





Introduction: How to Make the Perfect Steak

This video recipe shows you how to cook a restaurant quality steak in the comfort of your own home and for a quarter of the price!! Don't be paying $40 for steaks in restaurants, follow the iFoods chef's guide on cooking the perfect steak and you'll never look back!! View the full length video of this recipe and many others at



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    very good for me but advertisements were a pain to get here.

    I heated my oven to 500° turned on the stove top to high just before taking the "Cast iron Pan" from the 500° oven ! I used regular vegetable oil. Just a tablespoon under the steak (be careful) it will splatter. Lift the steak up from the hot pan and put the oil under the meat so it will not splatter much and move the meat around. OMG ! Tried this twice so far, it is so so so good ! The steak I used was only about 1 inch thick !

    Your not going to get the perfect steak unless you start with the perfect cut.

    What you have there is a select single ribeye steak from the chuck end. It ways around 1.75 to 2.50lbs and is approximately 2-3 inches thick.

    A steak this thick is not going to cook in 8 minutes. It would come out way to rare. For most steaks around 1.5 inches thick, this method would work. But for that thick steak you have there, i would Finish it on the oven rack at 325 for about a half hour catching the drippings for au juis.

    Good video none the less. Grapeseed oil is I good tip. Are there other oils that handle high heat well?

    check out my cooking instructable.. Beef Florentine Pinwheels

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    Oh man... i HATE this guy.... he always makes me so dam hungry... T.T....

    You can use an ordinary pan. The skillet just gives the steak the criss-cross lines on it. I recommend you get one for the future anyway as you can get them cheap enough but a normal pan will work fine. Good luck with it!

    i love the accent ;) good job, i didnt even think about the room temperature thing! -Zack

    Back up now. Don't know why it was taken down, must be too controversial!!

    You Tube says video no loner available.

    I already planned to cook a nice ribeye for lunch, now I really have to! LOL This is how I do it, but at least I am reassured the smoke is not just something I am doing wrong. Thanks