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Introduction: The Perfect Zombie

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I wanted to make myself into a functional zombie. I didn't want to do the overly dramatic, not the green face, and not the raccoon. I wanted to make a real, damned zombie! So here I am, zombified! You will see, the trick in my zombie design, is to keep it neutral. Go with your own skin tones and just add some ROT. It's easy, but time-consuming if you're a perfectionist.

** All the steps are in front of my DIY Green Screen because I was making this for some fun videos of me just acting like a dead weirdo. **

And here I am, in the Dead Rising 2 Commercial for Off the Record : Uranus Zone :D  (As an Office Zombie/Corporate Zombie)  And a background story: Here, at Fiverr.

Step 1: Materials

*Liquid Latex (i bought the big jug @ spirit halloween for multiple applications)
*toilet paper (thinner is better)
*light foundation (Rimmel @ walmart)
*dark eyeshadows (mine from dollar store)
*Teeth Paint!! (walmart, "zombie" and "blood")
*fake blood
*eye contacts (mine by "EDIT")
*black lipstick, or purple (if you'd like)

Step 2: Prep Your Face!

Think about what wounds you want, or if you just want nasty-looking skin all over.  Use moisturizer and make sure that your face isn't dry before latex application.  Pop in your contacts to make sure that you don't get any bad stuff in your eyes.  (it's said that you need to put them in before applying makeup..although, with this look, it makes it more difficult, haha)

If you start applying the latex with a brush, kiss it goodbye because the latex will dry in the bristles.  I started with a brush, but then continued with my fingers.  It was easier that way!

Tip:  To get latex off your fingers, just roll it off like glue.

Step 3: Start With the TP

Make sure that you don't have a fan on in your room because your latex will dry out.  I learned that after the 1st application and the toilet paper not sticking, hahaha.

Just dab the latex where you want to add texture, or where you want to apply the toilet paper.  Don't let it dry too long, and start pressing the TP where you applied the latex.  1-ply is easier to work with, or splitting your TP into a thinner sheet.  You may even be able to use tissues.  

Once you've applied TP in a certain area, dab some more latex over it, to saturate and flatten it against your face.  The layers add a cool effect.  Later on, if you add flat layers of TP, you can tear them open and apply blood on the inside edges to make a real-open-wound effect.  I just wanted to keep  mine easy, so I used the TP as texture.  

Also, if your fingers get stuck and end up ripping some off your face, no biggie. They are battle wounds.  Just apply as desired and make sure to coat it with the liquid latex.

TIP: Never get it in your HAIR.  If you are going over your eyebrows, coat them with a glue stick first.  If you get it into your hair line, use handsoap and warm water to loosen it from the hairs and individually wiggle it off, slowly, until you reach the end of the hair and pull it out.  It's tough to get it out.  

Step 4: Flesh-TIME

Now, once your wounds have been made, your TP is done and your latex has dried - it's time to make it the color of your face.  I put the foundation on my hand, like paint, and I finger-painted it onto my cheeks, forehead, eyelids, lips, chin, neck, shoulders, chest, ears.  Apply it everywhere that will show and blend it into your hairline.  You don't want to be a sad zombie, you want to be an effective zombie! :)

If you're unable to see too well through your contacts, be more generous with the foundation in the bumpy areas and just let it dry longer.  I realized that I could have done this to prevent less while showing through.

Step 5: Deaden-Yourself

Now it's time to break out with the eyeshadow.  

I used light gray to start with, went under and around my eyes and I drug it out to the corners of my eyes and beyond.  Almost to my hairline.  I also made sure to get the inner eye creases very well.  Then I went over it all with some darker gray/black eyeshadow and just deepened everything.  One other thing I did, I took some shadow onto my fingertips and dabbed it into the wounds on my face to give them some dimension and that made it look dirtier, also.  

You can take some pink, if you'd like, and go around under your eyes to give them a sickly-look.

Step 6: More Damage

Add any extra wounds that you see fit.

Step 7: Dental Distortion!

I got my teeth paint at walmart and I was excited about it!  I'm glad that I have it, because it makes a huge difference.  I chose to go with the green-zombie color on my teeth, then to outline with the red-blood so that it made them look dirty and USED.  It's quite effective.

Step 8: Bloody Complextion

Now, just go over your wounds and nasty parts of your face with a palm full of blood and let it blend in with your foundation for an old-look.  If you want some freshness, just squeeze some blood from the tube and let it fall onto your face.  To get it to drip, just tilt your head around and let the drops flow where you want them to.  (I did that with my forehead and let it drip around my eye, so I could see without bloody eyes.)

Add some black lipstick and smear it around so that it looks purple and get it a little further into your mouth so that it looks natural.  (If you'd like.)

Step 9: Add the Clothes!

Make your clothes bloody if you don't have tattered and dirty clothes already!  You are dead for a reason, after all.  

Remember, you were attacked by bloody zombies who were vicious, and that's why you and your clothes are messed up.  So think about how you were attacked and plan your wardrobe accordingly.  ;)

Step 10: Strike a Pose!

Okay, zombie complete. Take photos and enjoy yourself.  Practice your inner zombie and find your undead voice.  Enjoy the world, one bite at a time.  <3

Oh yeah, and mess up your hair.  :P

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    Looks good! How much did you pay for the contact? That is the one thing I didn't have the time/money to get. That REALLY sets off the effect.

    they were about $26 online, but they dried out in less than a week! :( and the company isn't responding. grrr!


    4 months ago

    Hello, I am shocked by your instructables, what pleasure do you find yourself disguised as a monster? what mentality? where is this world going? how could a human do such a disgusting thing? how can a human love this? I am simply shocked, I believe that the reality of life is lost for those who love this kind of thing. Youth is dead, more respect, more honor, nothing. I apologize for being heavy but my words are really for you to save this very bad mentality. I wish you peace, family life and happiness. Cordially.

    Those contacts (in the 'Materials' picture) are from Ridiculously expensive. 185 per lens for the zombie eyes.

    Very cool!!! I am going to get zombified and I'll post pictures to let you know if I am as talented as you are. :D

    It has been said lots of times before me, but very awesomely done and it sounds basic enough that even I might be able to accomplish it! 5 stars from me fore sure!

    It has been said lots of times before me, but very awesomely done and it sounds basic enough that even I might be able to accomplish it! 5 stars from me fore sure!

    I used this last night to make up my twins and they loved the outcome. I think it came out pretty good for a first try too. We didn't have the cash for the contacts (which would have really made it look good) but overall it looks awesome.

    Kyle Halloween 2011.jpgCole Halloween 2011.jpg
    2 replies

    Yea they kinda look more like burn victims than zombies, but it really wasn't all that hard to do and looks really cool. I think. Thanks a lot for the instructable!

    Hi :) Im using this look for a Halloween party, how long does the complete look take?? I love this!! Thanks!!

    2 replies

    awesome! :D well, it takes me about 1-2 hours because i take my time and i do a lot of tweaking. for the commercial, i wanted to kinda hurry so i think it took me less than an hour. so it depends on your timing :D i wanna see when you're done! :D

    I can't find then either...looked on EDIT but didn't see those. Please help, costume party next Sat.


    2 replies

    A lot of costume stores sell these - they're called full sclera contacts. The black ones are often called blackouts.

    where do they sell the sclera! and are they less than 100? :)

    the ones i used - WHITE MESH, by edit. :)