The Perfectly Cooked 1 1/2" X 6" Pancake Cake





Introduction: The Perfectly Cooked 1 1/2" X 6" Pancake Cake

Lets say you have a rice cooker/steamer and you don't mind waiting a couple of hours for a big breakfast. What do you do? Well, I'll show you how to make a delicious pancake without using a stove top and with minimal materials.

Step 1: Materials / Ingredients

You'll need a rice cooker, a metal bowl, 1 chopstick, a towel, some pancake batter, oil, and 2 cups of water (for boiling/heating the bowl).

Step 2: Pre-Cooking Stage

This next step is very easy. Add water to the steamer/rice cooker, coat the bowl in oil (about 2 inches high), and put the bowl into the steamer.

Step 3: Pour in the Batter!

-Check to see if the bowl is warm. Put your hand above the bowl and if in 5 seconds, its hot, then its ready to put in the batter.
-Pour in the premixed batter. Don't worry if you see chunks. Don't beat the batter too much, otherwise, it'll be a very thin and hard to eat/enjoy pancake.

Step 4: Chopstick

Take a chopstick and put it on the bowl. This is to ensure that the bowl won't jump around, causing an uneven cooked pancake.

Step 5: Towel

-Put a towel over the entire rice cooker/steamer. This is a critical step. It prevents water from dripping of the lid to the pancake, causing unwanted sogginess. The goal is only to heat the batter, not steam it.
-Close the lid and fold up the edges of the towel. This is to ensure there isn't any gaps on the lid, allowing steam to escape.

Step 6: Checking Cooking Status

After an hour of cooking, stick a chopstick/toothpick onto the center of the pancake. If there's no moisture on the stick, then its 90% done. Close the lid and wait another 1/2 hour.


This is the best and most exciting step. Freeing and eating the pancake cake!
-Get a 7-8" size plate, flip the bowl onto the plate, and the pancake will fall off!

What's the result? You get a massively huge pancake that is cooked completely evenly without slaving over a hot, oil spewing stove top. What's more, it isn't too greasy/oily (well, only the bottom half is slightly greasy).

It tastes and feels like a cake.

Why do this? Well, now you have the ability to cook/steam cakes (small ones) in a small appliance in only 5 easy steps!
Rice cookers/steamers aren't only for dinners and lunches, they can be used for breakfast and snacks as well.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, just leave a comment or two. I don't check my Email messages very often.



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Currently 50 minutes into the process of making my own...something tells me that mine won't end as well as yours :P

I'd advise that you do some sit-ups while you wait. The cake is enough for 2 meals. Good luck cooking and eating this monster! :)

Ahaha 2 hours in and I'm ready to call it quits xD Guess I just don't have the magic touch you do :P Mine just turned out to be a giant spongy mess xD Great instructible though!

Oh man, this is freaking awesome. I am making these for myself and to impress my dates for breakfast. So freaking excited.

WOW! I used the think that my (stove cooked) 1/2 inch pancakes were huge!

so... its a cake.... cuz i kinda eliminated the "pan" and it looks a lot more like a cake than a flapjack... lol... but i like it all the same. more of a waffle fan tho.

Did you really cook that pancake in a metal dog bowl? It sure looks like one...

What kind of sick, irresponsible dog owner would let their pet(s) eat out of a small and light metal bowl... (unless their pets don't like chewing on anything...)

Anyways, its not a dog bowl. Its a metal pot meant for steaming (human) food. It came with the steamer.

Hey, I was just sayin' what it looked like to me! Lighten up!