The Perfectly Cooked 1 1/2" X 6" Pancake Cake





Introduction: The Perfectly Cooked 1 1/2" X 6" Pancake Cake

Lets say you have a rice cooker/steamer and you don't mind waiting a couple of hours for a big breakfast. What do you do? Well, I'll show you how to make a delicious pancake without using a stove top and with minimal materials.

Step 1: Materials / Ingredients

You'll need a rice cooker, a metal bowl, 1 chopstick, a towel, some pancake batter, oil, and 2 cups of water (for boiling/heating the bowl).

Step 2: Pre-Cooking Stage

This next step is very easy. Add water to the steamer/rice cooker, coat the bowl in oil (about 2 inches high), and put the bowl into the steamer.

Step 3: Pour in the Batter!

-Check to see if the bowl is warm. Put your hand above the bowl and if in 5 seconds, its hot, then its ready to put in the batter.
-Pour in the premixed batter. Don't worry if you see chunks. Don't beat the batter too much, otherwise, it'll be a very thin and hard to eat/enjoy pancake.

Step 4: Chopstick

Take a chopstick and put it on the bowl. This is to ensure that the bowl won't jump around, causing an uneven cooked pancake.

Step 5: Towel

-Put a towel over the entire rice cooker/steamer. This is a critical step. It prevents water from dripping of the lid to the pancake, causing unwanted sogginess. The goal is only to heat the batter, not steam it.
-Close the lid and fold up the edges of the towel. This is to ensure there isn't any gaps on the lid, allowing steam to escape.

Step 6: Checking Cooking Status

After an hour of cooking, stick a chopstick/toothpick onto the center of the pancake. If there's no moisture on the stick, then its 90% done. Close the lid and wait another 1/2 hour.


This is the best and most exciting step. Freeing and eating the pancake cake!
-Get a 7-8" size plate, flip the bowl onto the plate, and the pancake will fall off!

What's the result? You get a massively huge pancake that is cooked completely evenly without slaving over a hot, oil spewing stove top. What's more, it isn't too greasy/oily (well, only the bottom half is slightly greasy).

It tastes and feels like a cake.

Why do this? Well, now you have the ability to cook/steam cakes (small ones) in a small appliance in only 5 easy steps!
Rice cookers/steamers aren't only for dinners and lunches, they can be used for breakfast and snacks as well.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, just leave a comment or two. I don't check my Email messages very often.



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    Currently 50 minutes into the process of making my own...something tells me that mine won't end as well as yours :P

    2 replies

    I'd advise that you do some sit-ups while you wait. The cake is enough for 2 meals. Good luck cooking and eating this monster! :)

    Ahaha 2 hours in and I'm ready to call it quits xD Guess I just don't have the magic touch you do :P Mine just turned out to be a giant spongy mess xD Great instructible though!

    Oh man, this is freaking awesome. I am making these for myself and to impress my dates for breakfast. So freaking excited.

    WOW! I used the think that my (stove cooked) 1/2 inch pancakes were huge!

    so... its a cake.... cuz i kinda eliminated the "pan" and it looks a lot more like a cake than a flapjack... lol... but i like it all the same. more of a waffle fan tho.

    Did you really cook that pancake in a metal dog bowl? It sure looks like one...

    3 replies

    What kind of sick, irresponsible dog owner would let their pet(s) eat out of a small and light metal bowl... (unless their pets don't like chewing on anything...)

    Anyways, its not a dog bowl. Its a metal pot meant for steaming (human) food. It came with the steamer.

    Hey, I was just sayin' what it looked like to me! Lighten up!

    Ya I know. But still, it did sound a bit insulting... ;) Anyways, no harm done.

    Wow, nice! Maybe some restaurant will take a tip from this, and buy a bunch of rice cookers to start serving these! :)

    3 replies

    Thanks. But I highly doubt that any restaurant will use my recipe. As I stated, it takes 1 1/2 - 2 hours just to make one. They would need at least ten rice cookers cooking at once. :)

    I think this could probably be done in the oven with a round casserole dish with a lid. You would probably have to start baking it with the lid on and then take it off so that it would brown some. If done in the oven you could make a whole bunch at once. With the giant sausage patty and a pan full of scrambled eggs and cheese, this could be a real attraction at a restaurant, the largest breakfast sandwich!!! It could even be one of those food challenge type attractions, if you eat the entire thing yourself you get it for free and get your name up on the wall. Oh the possibilities are endless. Great Idea!!!!

    Interesting...I like the baking idea. Yes, it would allow for more to be cooked in faster amount of time. Oh yes! I've eaten 1 1/2 of these pancakes and I tell you. My stomach was about to explode! This would definitely be a worthy challenge to eat 1 pancake sandwich with the side dishes!

    Nat, I like where you're going with this! Stay tuned for my next big project; a gigantic pancake hamburger/sandwitch.

    OH MY GHOD!!! The awesomeness, make the patty from pork breakfast sausage and smother the whole thing in maple syrup and butter!!!!

    Oh yes! Sounds heart stoppingly delicious indeed!

    COOOOOL!! How many standard pancakes would you say this behemoth contains?