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Step 1: Rules

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So basically it's a move then stop game. Depending on how many people are playing will decide how many keepers their are. So the rules are that when the keeper sees you u have to be still like a statue. If you move and he/she sees you you're out for a certain amount of time.
Conman_The_Awesome (author) 1 year ago
And by the way this is my first instructable
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True and thx
Great "Pick-up" Game. "Hide and Seek" the "token." Endless possibilities for group game in confined area with persons who may have physical or mental limitations/difficulties. Great fun for small children at birthday party. Easter egg hunt type of style: however once a "prize" has been located, retrieve only "one" and return to designated area. Could even have a "tag" with name for retrieval for specific item.
Conman_The_Awesome (author) 2 years ago
Is it cool or what?