Introduction: The Pheasant Game

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Step 1: Rules

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So basically it's a move then stop game. Depending on how many people are playing will decide how many keepers their are. So the rules are that when the keeper sees you u have to be still like a statue. If you move and he/she sees you you're out for a certain amount of time.

Step 2: Pheasants

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The pheasants can be a stuffed animal or any thing else. For me i use stuffed animals. But don't use real pheasants.

Step 3: Keeper

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Keeper you will try to protect the pheasants but don't puppy guard them. You can also hide them in different places. Ex. Beds, corners, bath tubs, closets, etc. If you see them move(breathing doesn't count) then say you're out. To see around you can have a small light. Other than that enjoy the game.

Step 4: Have Fun

Play it with your friends, siblings, any one you know. Well, that's all enjoy and hit the follow and like button. But most of all have fun. Thanks for reading this instructable and keep creating awesome ideas and stuff like that. Bye!!!!


TheUnknownVariable (author)2013-09-06

And by the way this is my first instructable

TheUnknownVariable (author)2013-08-22

True and thx

sharing_s_caring (author)2013-08-15

Great "Pick-up" Game. "Hide and Seek" the "token." Endless possibilities for group game in confined area with persons who may have physical or mental limitations/difficulties. Great fun for small children at birthday party. Easter egg hunt type of style: however once a "prize" has been located, retrieve only "one" and return to designated area. Could even have a "tag" with name for retrieval for specific item.

TheUnknownVariable (author)2013-08-11

Is it cool or what?

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