The Phoenix a K'nex Handgun


Introduction: The Phoenix a K'nex Handgun

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

The Phoenix is a sturdy and hard hitting little weapon. It fires blue clips, of which 12 fit into a single mag. The gun combines both tried and true mechanisms and some new ideas as well.


Range: 40 ft

Mag: 12 blue clips

YouTube link:



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    Wow. A removable handle mag. Didn't know that was possible. Sure it uses derpy ammo made from cut pieces, but still wow.

    The internals look kind if like Red's five seven if that helps but the gun is long gone,

    I'm MIGHT to borrow the mag For a new gun I'm designing. It'll be based of the argus from cod bo3 but will have a horizontal mag :)

    2 replies

    DW, changed it so its nothing like it xD

    Carpet, awesome gun man! Please check out my new assault rifle that I just posted.

    I prefer the green, it looks more professional

    That's my opinion as well. The glare made it worse on the red as well.

    Well if I made it bigger the grip would be uncomfortable and I wouldn't get my intended look! I hate blue clips as well but sometimes I have to deal with them.

    Wow I was working on a really similar gun yesterday! I failed though lol. Great job:)