The Phoenix is a sturdy and hard hitting little weapon. It fires blue clips, of which 12 fit into a single mag. The gun combines both tried and true mechanisms and some new ideas as well.


Range: 40 ft

Mag: 12 blue clips

YouTube link:

<p>Wow. A removable handle mag. Didn't know that was possible. Sure it uses derpy ammo made from cut pieces, but still wow.</p>
ayy nicely done<br>do ya have internals?
The internals look kind if like Red's five seven if that helps but the gun is long gone,
I'm MIGHT to borrow the mag For a new gun I'm designing. It'll be based of the argus from cod bo3 but will have a horizontal mag :)
DW, changed it so its nothing like it xD
Oh and the gun failed miserably
<p>Carpet, awesome gun man! Please check out my new assault rifle that I just posted.</p>
Like the red background? Should i stick with the green or carpet?
<p>I like the carpet best.</p>
Ok will do
I prefer the green, it looks more professional
That's my opinion as well. The glare made it worse on the red as well.
Yep. :)
<p>Looks nice! Not a fan of the ammo though. </p>
Well if I made it bigger the grip would be uncomfortable and I wouldn't get my intended look! I hate blue clips as well but sometimes I have to deal with them.
Good job! I prefer the carpet.
Wow I was working on a really similar gun yesterday! I failed though lol. Great job:)
Don't give up. These guns can be rewarding to build. I like the challenge!
Okay :)

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