Picture of The Photoline - an easy way to display your photos
The Photoline is a simple but effective way of displaying your printed pictures. Photos can be easily added or removed just by pegging them onto string or wire that runs between 2 pieces of timber.

The whole thing can be attached to the wall using 3M picture hanging velcro strips so there's no damage to the wall.

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Step 1: Materials, Tools & Planning

Picture of Materials, Tools & Planning
Cut 2 identical pieces of timber. Obviously you'll need to think about how many photos you want on each line and how many lines, leaving enough space between photos. This would be the best time to do any painting or finishing of the timber, although I just left mine raw.

Step 2: Drill Holes for the String

Picture of Drill Holes for the String
On the back of each piece, drill small holes 10mm from the edge but don't go all the way through - just half way through the thickness of the timber. Then, on the narrow edge alongside each hole drill again to meet the previously drilled hole. This will allow the string to enter neatly into the side and come out the back, making the attachment of the string to the sides invisible when mounted.

Line up the other piece of timber next to it and copy the positions of the holes. These holes should be a mirror image.

Step 3: Thread the String Through

Picture of Thread the String Through
Now you need to thread the string through the hole from the side to the back of each piece of timber on one side only. What worked for me was to curl up a plastic tie and feed it though first (the curl will help it find the connection between the 2 holes), then wrap up the end with the string and pull the whole lot through. Fasten the string with some staples along the back of the timber.
mnmama2 years ago
Nice, idea. I agree the string looks OK, but it you use synthetic insead of natural, cotton/hemp twine, it would hold up better, or a heavy gauge of fishing line maybe, something with less stretch? You've got me thinking.
It looks good.