It is very difficult to install modern entertainment units in the "formal" living room without taking away some of its status. Men are generally blind to this and would, without hesitation, install a shiny black 50" TV on the wall along with some towering speakers and some sort of shelf to house the cable box, gaming console and a nest of wiring. Exposed wires are like kryptonite to my wife. I wanted to stream music and video into the this room all the while retaining the polished and relaxing atmosphere that it deserves (they were really onto something when they built those massive cabinets with vinyl record players and speakers built-in).

I had bought a miniature organ for 80$ at a flea market a few years back and wasn't able to get it working properly. It is a beautiful piece and I wanted to show it off, all the while turning it into something functional. The concept was to install a set of speakers and a small LCD projector in it; effectively transforming the old lady into a modern multimedia entertainment system. I initially envisioned installing some old computer components; however I quickly realized that space would be an issue, particularly since I wanted to preserve the keyboards for the look. It then occurred to me that my smartphone was more powerful and better connected than the computer I was considering for the transplantation. Those pocket computers have become true entertainment hubs, with practically unlimited access to content and connectivity to my home network. This setup also means that the Pianorgan gets an automatic upgrade each time I get a new phone.

Skip to the final step to see the Pianorgan Vintage Media Hub in action.

Step 1: STEP 1: Required Items and Tools

There are nearly an infinite number of potential housings for this type of setup, a quick browse of Craigslist or Etsy will surely inspire you. 
  1. Vintage piece of furniture: although the components are relatively small, don't underestimate the space needed for the all the pieces and the wiring. Height should also be considered because you will likely have to move it to the middle of the room get the right distance from your projection wall, and you probably don't want to be projecting on the bottom half of the wall. I chose the "Pianorgan I", I am assuming there is a Pianorgan II out there somewhere.
  2. Computer speakers. I had a 12 year old set that was yellowed from the years, yet still puts out enough. In terms of Db per $ these are hard to beat.
  3. Mini or Pico Projector. These are getting more powerful and cheaper all the time: for this reason, I would look for a sale on a relatively recent model. After some research I settled on the Dell M110 which provides a good ratio of lumens and resolution per $.
  4. Video adapter for your smart phone: most recent models have a connector sold separately which has HDMI out for 30-80$.
You will need some tools to dismantle the Pianorgan as well as your computer speakers. A set of tools for gentle teasing apart (a set of mini screwdrivers), and in many cases you will need to take a more primitive approach (hammer and chisel). Some connectors may be needed to get the speakers back in working configuration. I also used a hole saw and hand drill to make the holes for the projection and air-intake.
That is a beautiful piece of machinery sir! <br> <br>Wish I could happen upon one. <br> <br>When I was in chicago in 2003 the alley's were always prime for pickin' <br>I picked up an old, gutted, solid wood stereo and though I could use it for something. one the way home I found an old boom box. So I merged the two and attached my ipod....such sweet sound and simplicity! I wish I had pictures or atleast still had the piece. <br> <br>anyway...nice work!
Sorry for the delay, I added a comment instead of hitting &quot;reply&quot; <br> <br>Thanks, I need to stay away from prime pickin' areas... too many projects already!
Thanks, I need to stay away from prime pickin' areas... too many projects already!
That is pretty amazing I love the idea of re-purposing old stuff
what a nice Farfisa organ/mediahub :) nice job
Is the movie playing in the main picture &quot;Gattaca&quot;?
It would appear so...
Nice catch; the ultimate underdog story.
Nice job!
Thanks, I have a few more bits to add (veneer on one end and some mirrors tow shorten the throw distance) but I am very excited with the result.
This is great! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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