The Pillars of Time- A Steampunk Nixie Clock and my 10th Instructable ;)

Made from pure Brass and Coppertubes.

Step 1: Things We Need

Many Brass Parts and Ornaments from Candleholder and Lamps

14 ( 12 ) Same Brass Tulips from Candleholders

White Leds or another Colouer you like

Popplar Wood for the Case and Wood Colour. I used dark walnut

10 k Poti´s

Bakelite Rotary Knob

Nixie Kit from PVElectronics here

6 Nixie Tubes IN-8. You must look on Ebay

IN-8 Nixie Socket here

Many thin Cables

Nitric Acid and Sulfur Liver for Colouring

Brass Gears from a Clock

Small Loudspeaker ( if you want ) instead of the Buzzer

Brass Chains and Chainwheels from a Cuckoo Clock.....

and other things which ye install yourself yet

Please note . I know that it's hard to get all these parts , and it should only be an incentive and inspiration to be at the same time to build your own Nixie Clock. A little imagination and you can build amazing Things :)

<p>My greate respect for nixie builder</p>
<p>Very nice!</p>
<p>Great Nixie Clock, thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>I love what you have done here, excellent work!</p>

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