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Introduction: The Pirate's Secret Scarf

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My wife knitted this as a gift for our eldest son.

The pattern is created as a combination of knits and purls (she says), and revealed by using alternating bands of contrasting shades (in this case, two rows of white and two rows of black). The knits and purls raise and lower the surface to hide or reveal the colours behind.

My wife is overly modest about these things, but I got 'twixt mother and child to make this quick video and show off her skills. All credit goes to her - knitting is a mystery to me, but I will pass on any comments and questions you have.

She found the pattern at, but used it backwards to turn the skull over at the other end of the scarf (otherwise only one image would have been upright when the scarf is worn)



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    i am so excited! when i found this i had no idea that something like that could be done with knitting, this is actually my first project. i am almost done with the first skull (15 rows to go) and i was wondering if you could tell me about how many rows were knitted between the 2 skulls, i have never made a scarf nor have i ever owned one so i wasn't sure about the length.

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    Kitewife is out at work right now, but I know that her main criteria for the length of a scarf is "when it feels right" - keep knitting and trying on every so often until the length feels right. It really depends on how you like to wear it (wrapped round several times? Knotted?).

    In the case of this scarf, keep going until it feels almost long enough, and then add the other pattern.

    thanks, for the tip, it is about 4 feet now, and it feels a little over half way now, hope i have enough yarn to finish it though

    I'm ordering some Alpaca wool and getting my mom to make it.

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    Cool - maybe you could post images of the finished scarf?

    Nice scarf! I went to look at the web page for the pattern. Neither link works. Great little video. love it! Christa

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    Er... Oh! Sorry, they're broken for me as well, and I don't think she kept a copy of the pattern.

    Just in case it breaks, I've knocked up a quick PDF file. Please remember that holds all copyright, though.

    *Cringes* No matter how many times I hear you say it, it still sounds so very wrong...

    lol i know.... poor pdf......

    nice! Was it hard to do?I might get some one to make me one

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    Personally, knitting is about as simple as writing Mandarin Chinese. With no brush. Or ink. Or paper.

    However, it is apparently quite simple as long as you pay attention to the pattern.



    Woooow! Thank you!

    I love it! I am going to make one for my biker boyfriend...can't wait to get started.

    I have to hand it to you that is pretty clever. My son would really like that.