A Plague Doctor was a physician specializing on tending to those who suffered from the bubonic plague.They were associated with death (where there's plague, there's the beak doctors and also death).
Because of this a Plague Doctor's costume is creepy - also with the added benefit of it's resemblance to both The Grim Reaper and Ravens.

Step 1: Pre-Construction

To figure out the mask dimensions I constructed a simple form from newspaper.
Then trimmed and shaped it to provide a snug fit to my head.
<p>What was the thickness of the craft foam? The common size is 2mm thick (1/16 inch) which seems much thinner that what you have here.</p>
Thanks for your interest in my project! I used 5mm thickness craft foam
<p>What was the thickness of the craft foam? The common size is 2mm thick (1/16 inch) which seems much thinner that what you have here.</p>
<p>Thank you so much for sharing this! I made a mask for my husband, and it turned out fantastic! I used a normal mask as the base, and just used foam for the beak. I cut a pair of children's fake glasses for the eyes. The 'cheeks' weren't stiff enough, so I put some flower wire on the underside to shape it a bit more. All in all, an instructable that was perfect for what I wanted to (and did) make!</p>
For the paint did you also use acrylics for the medium and the topcoat?
<p>I really like how your tutorial covers information for a complete costume. I followed a different set on here that was twice as long and only on the mask. It also used craft foam like yours, but covered it with fabric. I used white denim for my mask, and for the lenses I used the plastic from playing card protective sleeves. I think the idea of using a wire mesh for the eyes instead of plastic might be a great idea, or you could put small holes in the bottom part and have the mesh glued/sewn in there as well.</p><p>Just to give a men's alternative to the patterns you posted above, I started with Simplicity 5942 - A (it's the golden one that is supposed to look like Elrond from LoTR) in black and added a modified form of the hood from Simplicity 5840. A stole was also made from the shoulder armor listed in 5840. A modified version of the corset belt from 5371 - D was done in red and it really works well.</p>
<p>Thank you so very, very much for this! So many of the other how-to's I've seen have involved leather working and I was getting kind of despondent, but then I found this and had the whole thing ready in about a week and in plenty of time for the party! The paper-mock up idea saved me so much time and material. Thank you again.</p>
<p>I really like this. If I do end up using it, I think the only change I'll make is possibly a type of screen instead of the plastic for the eye holes to hide my eyes better. Other than that I love it. Especially how cheap it is compared to other ones, but still looks as good.</p>
<p>nicholas.pinkert: I like your idea and think that it would be a nice improvement. I chose to use plastic lenses because traditionally the masks were equipped with red lenses and it was my intent to dye the plastic ones. However - with the plastic lenses in it made the mask even more air-tight and harder to breath in - your use of a screen would eliminate that issue!</p>
Great idea I'm going as this for halloween
Grim Reaper, a raven, and the Black Spy!
Thank you everyone for these thoughtful compliments! You've all made my day! :)
I say this a lot, epic
Cool and original
Looks fantastic and feasible! Nicely done
A beautiful mask! Love the photo edits too, very moody :D

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