Picture of The Plaster Sphere
Big Fun with plaster and Gauze .
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Step 1: Plaster Shere

Picture of Plaster Shere
6 Hours

Get yourself a 12 concrete mold 1/2 round they are made for concrete yard I bought the molds from a store on ebay called gostatue they were US $15.25 each i used them during the summer to make h lf spheres for my drive way edges and walk ways it's almost winter so pouring concrete is not really an option so why not play with them with some plaster 

Step 2: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
Face mask breathing dust of any kind is not healthy be safe !

Plaster of Paris 
A few mixing vessels
A Stiff stick and small putty knife 
Some cheesecloth or Gauze 
A throw away paint brush or two
Silicone Spray 


Rubber Gloves 
A drill and 1/8" drill bit 
Air Compressor 
A Debris Blower with a small Nozzle

Step 3: Making the Halves

Picture of Making the Halves
Spray your mold with Slicker Mines silicone based makes it nice and slick mix your plaster and brush the inside of the mold with the first coat after the first coat starts to set up lay in your gauze and mix up another batch quickly brush it in your mold and get ready to mix another batch .
I put 5 layers in my sphere with one layer the 4th layer being a build up on the edge so that when i meet up the edges they have something to rest upon each other just the brushed edges would be to thin to hold up .

Keep your brush clean between coats plaster will set up under water so you have to keep it banged out real good and while your puting coats on dip the brush in the water once in a while to keep it damp but not soaking wet .
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Neat! What are you going to do with your plaster sphere?
fretted (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
Well as soon as it dries which will take almost 3 weeks inside and out i thought about painting it like the moon and maybe engraving it with something appropriate