The Pocket 10 Shot Mini Gun





Introduction: The Pocket 10 Shot Mini Gun

This gun may look small but trust me its very powerful with the right elastic band.

Step 1: Get the Parts

These are the parts you need.
10 blue rings
1 grey connector
1 blue rod
1 black Y connector
1 orange connector
1 elastic band

Step 2: The Main Body

add the grey connector and black Y connector to the blue rod like this.

Step 3: Ammo

add the 10 blue rings to the rod like this

Step 4: Firing Mechinism

double up the elastic band and add to the orange connector like this

Step 5: Loading

put the firing mechinism on the end of the blue rod and stretch it back like this

Step 6: Firing

hold the grey connector then hold the orange connector and pull it off hard but not to hard. hope you enjoy



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    Try using a gray connector upside down instead of the black y clip (less friction-thus high power).

    It would be better off as a grenade than a gun.

    if you like this try and give me ideas