Picture of The Pocket Cotton Candy Machine
You're walking down the street and suddenly you have a craving. For cotton candy... But the carnival has just left town, what will you do? Not to worry, you have the Pocket Cotton Candy Machine!

Note: I assume no responsability for any sickness, or injury. Happy building!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Baling wire
3 Metal standoffs
Metal snapple cap or similar
Round Altoids tin
Silicon tubing
Pushbutton switch
Tin foil
Rubber band
Small low profile motor
2 AAA batteries


Power drill
Drill bit set
Sand paper
Exacto knife
Solderinng iron
Electrical tape
Quick Steel or other metal epoxy putty

Helping Hand
Sand Blaster
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Ploopy21 days ago


Does it work?

Xixfas2 years ago
for better pictures use the macro function on your camera if you have it
imajem2 years ago
i'm going to try this with a tea candle instead of the lighter.....much safer I think.
acabrera72 years ago
is it possible you could update the 'ible with clearer pictures?
mwagner634 years ago
to make the cotton candy do you put the sugar in the snapple cap or no?
nadav5 years ago
Which wire brush for the dremel? Steel or Brass?
carpfluff5 years ago
doesn't look like it works =/
cepedigo5 years ago
how much cotton candy does it make?
well, this looks confusing.....but really cool,so I might actually try this sometime, but ill probably end up not making mine as urs is. good job ! :)
gimmelotsarobots (author) 7 years ago
If anyone knows who is impersonating me with the username gimmelotsorobots (notice the O), please PM me.
You are impersonating yourself with my username which you made!
that made no sense
miiwii3 miiwii36 years ago
he me, that was posted MONTHS ago
miiwii3 miiwii36 years ago
yea me, I know but i still wanted to post that
i find it funny that you wrote that sencence in second person. if it really was "gimmelotsarobots" it would be in first person...
I thinks it's gimmelotsorobots impersonating you
gimmelotsarobots (author)  DIY Dave7 years ago
No kidding. That was a like a month ago though.
well he is leaving so it doesn't really matter any more. um, this is cool but how if there room in it to make the cotton candy?
gimmelotsarobots (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
I know it doesn't look like it, but believe me, there is.
mason01907 years ago
i look at all the supplies and mutter to myself, this isnt going to be easy...
LOL me too, me too...
when you buy a bic lighter it comes with a sticker on the side stating not to keep the lighter lit for more than 30 seconds.... will this take longer than 30 seconds to make?
I melted my bic. You might try a metal lighter, like a zippo. If you use one you agree that i take no responsibility for any injury, or damage. I have to say that. That's how I cover my self. no offense to any individual.
im going to use a candle and matches...
by the way, I don't recommend you put this thing in your pocket unless you clean it after use.
i keep a wet nap in it...
do you need silicon tubing or standoffs for project cause i dont no where 2 look
is any one here
cloot1006 years ago
I like it. I love pocket candy!
Jupitane6 years ago
My brother poured a cup of water in my bag of finished cotton candy...=(
Oh yeah great instructable. =)
kmelon6 years ago
pretty good, but i would use a candle rather then using a lighter
n108bg7 years ago
do u have a video of this i action? i was planning on making my own, but was wondering if i should use the altoids tin as the rotating hopper of the wall of the machine.
gimmelotsarobots (author)  n108bg7 years ago
Sorry, The project has long since been dismantled.
sypher7 years ago
cool project, but it pains me to see blurry pics. take a few photos, pic the one that looks the best.
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
lol, i like this phrase

I assume no indispensability for any sickness, or injury. Happy building!
seen537 years ago
looks like a meth lab.. no im just kidding, nice job! real compact, will make an attempt at this...
gimmelotsarobots (author)  seen537 years ago
hey now... cotton candy
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