The Pocket Size Finger Chopper & Re-attacher


Introduction: The Pocket Size Finger Chopper & Re-attacher

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CAUTION: Minor injuries due to papercuts can lead to severe bleeding and death. Attempt this DIY at your own risk.



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    will add them(and possibly a video) soon.

    these were part of a series of 10-11 DIYs i'd done for a children's magazine last year. only have illustrations for some of them.

    I think I saw them - aren't they online as PDFs?

    quite possible! the magazine is called Brainwave..

    That's it!

    I have no idea how I found that...

    i myself originally saw it made by a classmate, who found it in a leaflet of some kind when we were kids. and it was all in Bengali(which we couldn't speak or read) :D